Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 8

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Season Zero 8
Season Zero 8
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 8
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jackson Herbert
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Cover Artist(s) Jackson Herbert
Adaptation of
Published February 2008
Collected in
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Population 0 Survivors
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From the publisher: Now a full "season" of 12 issues thanks to fan support! Issue #8 of Season Zero continues the brand new storyline by writer Brandon Jerwa and artist Jackson Herbert!

In this issue: There's more than one conspiracy afoot, with the humans and human-model Cylons both finding dissent in their ranks. The big picture is coming into sharper focus and the closer Adama looks, the uglier it gets. Meanwhile, at least one Galactica crew member starts down a path of inevitable destiny..."


  • Aboard Galactica, in orbit of Caprica, Colonel Tigh briefs Starbuck, Boomer, Sergeant Hadrian, Lieutenant Eric Oehler, and an unidentified person, all dressed in urban combat gear.
  • Tigh tells them that thy are to provide seccurity for a high profile target and the conclusion of the mission could determine the fate of Galactica.
  • Adama and Tigh talk in a corridor. Adama is concerned about Tigh's choice of personnel for the mission, but Tigh says that threats would underestimate the team. Adama is concerned about Starbuck, but Tigh believes that since she has had something to prove, he might as well give her a chance. Tigh also comments on Adama's apparent depression before heading off to a briefing.
  • In Caprica City, a Six, Three, and Leoben sit in the Caprica Civil Center, waiting for a speaker to arrive. Six and Three discuss whether humanity could heal itself with more people like Byron Dane and revealing themselves to Dane. Three says that they will reveal themselves, but not the fact that they are Cylons.
  • Leoben spots Starbuck, then tells Three and Six that the event will start soon.
  • Outside, a Colonial News Network correspondent interviews several people about their opinions on Byron Dane, after commenting that this is the first time that the Colonial government has allowed open dialogue with a dissenter.
  • As the event begins, Starbuck and the rest of the team confirm their positions as a women introduces Byron Dane and Colonial representative Owen Patilla.
  • Patilla speaks first, stating that the Colonial government is focused on serving the people, not the military machine or personal interests as Dane claims. Dane tells the story of the destruction of his colony in neutral space by Julian DiMarco, which he had withheld until the government turned its back on him.
  • Patilla asks Dane for proof of his claims. Dane brings up the fact that Galactica was involved (although not by name) and says that the military should declassify its files. Patilla reacts negatively to this and declines to continue debating with Dane.
  • As the crowd begins to jeer Patilla, Starbuck warns the other security team members that the situation is deteriorating. After attempting to contact Oehler, Starbuck drags Dane offstage, seconds before a bomb detonates behind the stage.
  • Hadrian checks on Starbuck and Dane before heading to find Oehler. She finds several bodies and Oehler, suffering from a gun shot to the leg. Oehler tells her that there was a bomber dressed as a security guard, and he was shot by the bomber when he tried to stop the bomber.
  • Outside the building, Dane is in an ambulance where Doral and Simon, disguised as medics, tell him that they are like minded individuals who are willing to help Dane on his terms. Dane believes that they are behind the bombing, but Five tells him that they can insure his safety. The two leave as Oehler is brought into the ambulance. They meet with Six, Three, and Leoben and inform that the meeting was a success.
  • In orbit, Boomer's Raptor lands on Galactica, carrying Oehler and Dane.
  • In Adama's quarters, Dane and Adama talk. Adama says that he cannot support Dane's cause without jeopardizing the future of Galactica's crew. Suddenly, main power shuts off/
  • In the CIC, Tigh and Gaeta try to determine the cause of the power failure, while security arrives at Adama's quarters to protect Dane.
  • Down in the main utilities, Chief Tyrol and Cally find nothing amiss, causing Cally to ask if it was just an accident. Tyrol does not think so, and sends Cally to get a security team.
  • As Cally walks off, a man crawls into a service passageway and begin manipulating a control panel.


  • This issue perpetuates the error that Galactica deployed Viper Mk IIs before the attack on the Twelve Colonies. However, a Viper Mk VII can be seen in the hanger bay undergoing maintenance.
  • The service passageway at the end of the comic is similar to Jefferies Tubes of Star Trek fame.

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