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Cylon War #1
Cylon War #1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Joshua Ortega
Eric Nylund
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Penciller(s) Nigel Raynor
Inker(s) Nigel Raynor
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Cover Artist(s) Stephen Segovia
Nigel Raynor
Adaptation of
Published January 2009
Collected in
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ISBN 725130112255
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Before the time of mankind's exodus from the twelve colonies (as told in the current award winning Battlestar Galactica series on SCI FI) and the returned menace of the Cylons, a war was fought between man and machine. A story that has never before been told, until now....

Now, Dynamite Entertainment are proud to present the CYLON WAR mini-series event, from writers Joshua (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer) Ortega and Eric (Halo) Nylund, Galactica veteran artist Nigel Raynor and cover artists Stephen (Wolverine) Segovia (75%) and Nigel Raynor (25%).

Fully authorized by Sci Fi and the show producers, the world of Galactica and the first "apocalypse" with the Cylons is explored here as only Dynamite can!

48 pages total featuring eight pages of production art and script excerpts![1]


The Fall of the Colonies

  • The Cylons begin their attack on Caprica.
  • In a half-bombed church in one of Caprica's last remaining cities[2], Admiral Ben Tanner oversees the march of Centurions towards their position. Through binoculars, Tanner sees an older Cylon leading newer model Cylons.
  • Tanner instructs Caprica militia officers to engage the Cylons with improvised explosives, targeting the leading edge of the oncoming formation.
  • Colonel Gerard[3] asks why the Cylons have returned after all this time. Tanner replies that "the Gods work in mysterious ways".

40 Years Prior

  • Aboard Benedict Trade Station, violence ensues as Sagittaron forces overtake Caprican forces. Following the Sagittaron victory, a Caprica 5 news reporter notes that the Caprican trade delegation members were returned to their ships without their cargo in direct violation of the recent trade agreement. The confiscated cargo is destroyed in protest by Sagittaron mobs in Port Centaura, and one Caprican delegate commented that the dead were treated disrespectfully.
  • Within the same broadcast, Sagittaron's Clive Madras of the Freedom Party[4] responds to the brazen act, noting that the lethal response was a result of Caprican's interference with a "culture you neither respect or understand."
  • John Tanner deactivates the television that he and his family had been watching, calling Madras a "frakking imbecile." Present in the Tanner Estate in Oasis are his wife, Eliza Tanner[5], and two children, Ben (18) and Greg (22), as well as their robotic servants, including Isak.
  • Eliza attempts to be diplomatic, calling the Sagittarons a "traditional people," a statement refuted by both her sons, noting that the Sagittarons make use of human slave labor instead of robots.


  • The events of the issue are noted as occurring "40 years" prior to the Fall of the Colonies, but this is an error as the First Cylon War lasted 12 years. Ergo, the events should occur no less than 52 years prior. It should also be noted that these timeline errors are common in the various Dynamite Comics.



Noteworthy Dialogue

Isak narrates the opening pages for the issue:
"God is in Heaven, and God is on Earth. He is in everything... and His word is law. Thou shalt not kill... yet still we must."

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