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Origins #3
Origins #3
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 3
Writer(s) Kevin Fahey
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
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Cover Artist(s) Fabio Laguna
Adaptation of
Published January 2008
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Population 0 Survivors
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As Gaius Baltar recovers from being struck by a car, Baltar receives disquieting news from his brother while President Richard Adar takes a personal interest in him.


  • On a Resurrection Ship, Caprica-Six's consciousness transfers into a new body. A Number Three is there to help Six through her disorientation, since it is the first time she's ever died and been downloaded. A fellow Number Six informs her that she's saved Gaius Baltar's life and that their team was able to extricate her body, thus avoiding any suspicions about the incident.
  • Caprica-Six asks when she'll be able to go back to Caprica.
  • In the other regions of Colonial space, a two-man crew on a salvage mission (who consider jumping over to the Hudson Sector in hopes of better salvage) happen across a lone survivor in a debris field. The survivor, Caprica-Six, apparently takes control of the craft and crashes it somewhere in Colonial space.
  • On a Cylon ship, a Three, Six and an Eight discuss whether or not there is a flaw in the Six line. While they initially consider substituting her with another model, the consensus remains that Caprica-Six should continue her mission, since she has gained Gaius Baltar's trust.
  • Three agrees to this, but threatens to box Caprica-Six herself if she fails in her mission.
  • At the Caprica City Medical Center, Baltar is recovering from his near miss with a motor vehicle. He is being treated by a Simon model Cylon, who asks Baltar if he knows where he is. Baltar ruefully replies that "as long as it's not Cuffle's Breath Wash, I'll learn to survive".
  • Simon informs Baltar that he was brought in from the Red Light District two days ago and that Baltar suffered a serious head injury. He adds that they had to perform minor surgery, and gives Baltar the story of how he was involved with a hit-and-run driver.
  • As Baltar tries to recall the events of that night, Bernard Baltar arrives. Baltar notes that it's been a long time since they have talked; Bernard notices that his brother has lost his accent. Bernard informs his brother that he had come to see him because their mother, Vanessa[1] has fallen ill, and their farm has fallen on hard times.
  • As Bernard asks his brother for help, an secret service agent asks Bernard to leave. As Bernard leaves, Baltar yells after his brother to call him at the Ministry of Defense.
  • Baltar begins to demand why Bernard was sent away, only to meet President Richard Adar, who informs Baltar that he came as soon as one of his aides informed him of Baltar's accident. Baltar had previously met Adar at a fundraiser in Delphi. Adar mentions that he's followed Baltar after his win of the second Magnate Prize, noting that Baltar was always Adar's first choice for the Command Navigation Program (CNP) and had specifically asked for a doctor he knew to treat him, only to discover that Adar's choice doctor was out on sabbatical. Adar offers his concern (and the concern of certain members of the military brass) over whether or not the accident was related to the CNP project, however Baltar assures him that this wasn't the case.
  • Adar gives Baltar a pep talk, reminding him that the deadline for the project is only a few weeks away. Baltar assures him that he'll be able to meet the deadline.
  • Adar leaves, saying that he needs to attend to the issue of a possible teacher union strike. Before leaving, Adar asks Baltar to call him Richard.
  • In his home, Baltar works on the CNP. Caprica-Six asks him how his progress is. This leads to sex.
  • After sex, Baltar experiences a dream where Six snaps his neck and asks him "Are you alive?"
  • Baltar awakens, finding his bed empty of anyone other than himself. There appears to be a bandage behind his head.
  • Later, Baltar is walking through Caprica City en route to work and meets up with Six. She asks Baltar what happened to him, which resorts in a scathing reply dismissing "this charade for mutual concern".
  • Six tells Baltar that she loves him. Baltar reveals that he's been seeing her in his dreams, to which Six replies that she's not surprised and tells him to get used to it.
  • Baltar is giving a presentation on the CNP to a group. Members of this group mention that the program is only working 60 to 70 percent efficiency. Baltar replies that an outside consulting firm is helping him work out the calculations.
  • Near the end of the meeting, an aide tells Baltar that his brother is on the line. Baltar adjourns the meeting and goes to his office. Baltar hesitates picking up the phone, then decides against it.
  • After more sex at Baltar's house, Baltar reveals to Six that he's under a lot of strain from Adar and "his military cronies," who have demanded firewalls be built into the program. This would not be such an issue if the program was more efficient. Six offers to look over his program and help with solving the CNP's efficiency issues.
  • Six probes deeper, knowing that his mind is on something else. It is: Aerilon. Baltar and Six briefly discuss choices and mistakes made in the past; Six believes that he may be referring to their relationship, and reiterates her offer to help him with the CNP.


  • Gaius Baltar has completely turned his back on his family and Aerilon heritage.
  • Simon's replacement of the doctor Adar recommended infers that Adar's doctor may have also been placed incommunicado by the Cylons.


  • Caprica-Six does not seem surprised that Gaius Baltar is having dreams about her. She even tells him to "get used to it". As Six's response is unusual, the insinuation here is that these dreams lead to the creation of Virtual Six. The comic also infers that the surgical procedure done by Simon has something to do with it, and is referred to visually in the panel where Baltar rubs the back of his head after a dream where Six asks him if Baltar's alive while snapping his neck, which reveals a bandage. To date, the series itself has been careful to leave Virtual Six's existence unexplained and open to various interpretations, ranging from the spiritual to the technical.
  • The Colonials remain unaware of the random abductions and disappearances of high ranking officials, such as Dr. Amarak (Battlestar Galactica: Origins 1) and Carter Jameson (Battlestar Galactica: Origins 2).


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  1. This name is not revealed until Battlestar Galactica: Origins 4.

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