Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 5

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Season Zero 5
Season Zero 5
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 5
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jackson Herbert
Colorist(s) inLight Studio
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Cover Artist(s) Stjepan Sejic, Adriano Batista, Jackson Herbert
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Published November 2007
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Population 0 Survivors
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Karl Agathon and Kara Thrace thwart Julian DiMarco's plans to start a rebel movement against the Colonies, while Galactica's crew attempts to free Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh after they are imprisoned by Agent Levin of Colonial Intelligence.


  • Inside the terrorist base, Nolan and Purat discuss what will happen after the revolution caused by their benefactor, who is revealed to be Julian DiMarco.
  • Outside, Agathon finds out that the person holding him at gun point is Sil, who tells him that DiMarco has gone insane and is planning a strike on the Colonies. Sil plans to take Agathon prisoner and work from the inside and stop DiMarco's plan.
  • On Galactica, Dualla talks with someone about Levin but learns nothing useful. In the brig, Tigh threatens the guard as the shift changes. Adama tells him to relax and stop antagonizing the guards.
  • Back on the moon, Thrace sees Agathon being lead into the base by Sil through the scope of her rifle.
  • In Galactica's CIC, Levin becomes angry with the chief engineer and demands several reports. Geata and Dualla talk about Levin before Gaeta hands Dualla duty rosters to post, in order to get her out of the CIC. Levin intercepts her before she can exit and inquires about the changes in the duty rosters, but lets Dualla leave so he can look at the ship's nuclear payload.
  • Inside the terrorist base, DiMarco tells Nolan and Purat that the objective of the revolution is to purify the system, not destroy it. Sil brings in Agathon and DiMarco comments on Thrace being outside waiting to shoot him.
  • Nolan informs DiMarco that Agathon was in the group she set up and that Agathon is unintelligent. DiMarco mentions that as long as Agathon behaves well, no harm will come to him before Sil takes him to the holding room.
  • As Sil and Agathon leave, DiMarco tells Purat that things are going to move quickly and that "All the pieces have finally come together."
  • Outside, Thrace begins picking off personnel with her sniper rifle.
  • On Galactica, Dualla meets with Chief Tyrol, Captain Jackson "Ripper" Spencer, and Marine Sergeant Austin and informs them of the events that transpired in the CIC. Spencer suggests looking in the ship's main computer to find out who sent the order authorizing the nuclear strike on the moon.
  • Dualla discovers that they are being fed bad information about the authorization to launch the nuke. Austin suggests they can take out Levin and his men under the Articles of War.
  • In the terrorist base, Sil kills a guard who was escorting Agathon with before being shot in the back by Nolan. The gunshot attracts DiMarco and Purat. After Nolan tels DiMarco she shot Sil and why, he begins choking her as Purat tries to restrain him.
  • DiMarco threatens to kill Nolan, prompting Purat to threaten to kill him if did so. In the chaos, Agathon escapes.
  • On Galactica, Dualla and Austin bring food to brig. The guard outside tries to stop them, but Austin reminds him that under the Articles of War, prisoners are entitled to basic on schedule care.
  • The guard submits, but does not allow them to go in, instead calling on the guard in the brig to take the food to Adama and Tigh. In their cell, Adama tells Tigh to watch the door as he takes the heel of off one of his shoes.
  • Somewhere on Galactica, an old man is working on a laptop when Tyrol (carrying a large wrench) and Spencer enter the room. The two offer the man a head start to run.
  • Outside the terrorist base, Agathon runs to the terrorist vessel before finding someone holding a pistol to his head again.
  • He looks and realizes that it is Thrace, who informs him that she's been transmitting the ship's emergency beacon in hopes of alerting Galactica to their position. After Agathon climbs in the ship, Thrace kisses him since they are probably going to die.
  • In the brig, the guard takes the food to Adama and Tigh and unlocks the cell, right before Adama kicks open the door and Austin points a rifle at the other guard. The guard in the brig attempts to get Adama and Tigh back into their cell, but is first punched in the face by Adama and dragged into the cell by Tigh in a headlock while Austin leads the other guard in.
  • Dualla asks what will they do now and Adama replies, saying that they will retake the ship and rescue Thrace and Agathon.


  • Sil's pistol changes from a Season 1 version (as seen at the end of the previous issue) to the Season 2 version of the standard sidearm.
  • The Colonials have Articles of War which seem to similar to the Geneva Convention, at least in terms of the treatment of prisoners.
  • In the first page set on Galactica, it has been fifteen minutes since Levin took command from Adama and Tigh.
  • On page 17 of the comic, an error occurs in the dialogue balloon when Tomas is told to get the food to bring to Adama and Tigh. This error shows Tomas basically telling himself to get the food, when the dialogue should come from his associate outside the brig room, with whom Dualla and Sergeant Austin are interacting with.
  • Two further errors are apparent in the various covers. These errors are the depiction of Centurions on Adriano Batista's cover, and the presence of Lee Adama on the photo cover with Kara Thrace, since neither Centurions nor Lee Adama are present in this comic.


  • How did DiMarco get off of his planet?
  • Do all of DiMarco's crew besides Sil approve of his plan?
  • Who was the man Tyrol and Spencer confronted and what was his job?
  • How have DiMarco and his sympathizers managed to stay undetected by Colonial Intelligence?
  • Exactly how does DiMarco intend to accomplish his goals? Is Galactica nuking the moon part of the plan?

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