Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 2

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Season Zero 2
Season Zero 2
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 0
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jackson Herbert
Inker(s) inLight Studio
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Cover Artist(s) Stjepan Sejic, Adriano Batista, Stephen Segovia
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Published August, 2007
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Population 0 Survivors
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  • Julian DiMarco tells of the events preceding Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 0, particularly of the Colonial Fleet ordering the bombing of a separatist settlement disguised by the bombing of several other areas. Later DiMarco learns from his Fleet liaison that upon returning to colonial space, he and his crew would be prosecuted by the colonial justice system.
  • After organizing a crew vote, DiMarco deliberately crash landed the ship so they could live on the planet. The Cylons arrived several hours later.
  • William Adama becomes enraged at DiMarco's fatalism, stating that the DiMarco he knew would have tried to clean the system. DiMarco replies that cleaning the system is impossible, before remarking that he knows what matters while Adama does not.
  • Adama has a flashback to when Lee and Zak came to his military office on leave, inviting him to take some time off at a cabin. After commenting on Zak's simulator scores, Lee becomes enraged at Adama, who tries to reschedule the trip later the next week. Lee and Zak leave, ending the flashback.
  • A Raptor arrives, bringing Byron Dane, apparently the only survivor from the settlement. Dane assumes that DiMarco and his crew are military, which he denies. Dane becomes convinced DiMarco bombed the settlement under orders of President Adar, but Adama defuses the situation by blaming the Cylons.
  • On the planet, Adama and DiMarco talk, eventually leading to Adama relating how he violated the Armistice Line. Several seconds later, they are attacked by a new Raider, which fires missiles before strafing with gunfire. Adama and a marine supply cover fire while the Raptor tries to take off. The pilot decides to make an FTL jump after the Raider gets a weapons lock.
  • The Raider pursues the Raptor, which jumped to higher altitude and damages it with its guns. The crew bails out before the Raptor explodes, while the Raider is destroyed by the two Raptors from Galactica. Some time later, Adama departs after providing DiMarco's crew with supplies, bring Dane with them.
  • One week later, Adama is in a meeting with several members of the admiralty, going over his after action report. Adama threatens to go public with the colony bombing and the encounters with the Cylons if court martialed.
  • Back on Galactica, Adama sits in his quarters and has a flashback to fight between him and his wife over Zak's death. Tigh enters and asks about his meeting, which resulted in Adama getting in his usual amount of trouble. Tigh asks about Adama's motives in letting DiMarco's crew stay behind. Adama says that it was because of Valkyrie's mission and Bulldog.
  • As Tigh leaves, Adama receives a call from his wife stating that she's filing for divorce. At the same time, a Raptor lands on Galactica, bringing Felix Gaeta, Kara Thrace and some other personnel aboard.


  • Colonial Expeditionary Fleet regularly equips its ships with bombs for mining, fault line exploration, and path clearing.
  • Byron Dane is seen to be using the standard Colonial sidearm seen since Season 2.
  • Galactica is seen to be deploying Viper Mk IIs, despite Galactica's last operational squadron being comprised of Viper Mk VIIs in the Miniseries.


  • The comic series also ignores the continuity gaffe created by "Hero," inferring that Valkyrie's mission occurred two years before the Fall of the Colonies, and not the one year as stated in that episode. This acknowledges dialogue about Adama having served with Thrace and Valerii for two years on Galactica, but still conflicts with lines stating that Gaeta and Tyrol served under him for three and five years respectively. See also Hero#Analysis.


  • When did the Colonial Fleet learn of the separatist settlement?
  • Why did the admiralty want the settlement destroyed?
  • Why did the Raider fire only one missile, instead of emptying its missile launchers?
  • What happened to Byron Dane? (Answer)
  • What will the admiralty do now that they know that DiMarco is on the planet? Will they try to destroy DiMarco's settlement as well in another black ops mission? Or will they let it be? (Answer)
  • What happened to DiMarco's crew during and/or after the destruction of the colonies? (Answer)

Official Statements

"Byron Dane's story is not nearly over yet, so I don't want to give too much at this point. I think that his actions are actually more justifiable than even he realizes. The first couple of issues were definitely a flashpoint for this entire series.
"I think I managed to paint a picture of Tom Zarek that people could relate to; if you lived his life, you might end up on a similar path, right or wrong. With Byron Dane, we're dealing with someone who has been unwittingly placed on a specific path, but he's going to reach a fork in the road. He gets to make his own crucial choice at that point, and that decision will be the measure of the man."[1]

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