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Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 3

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Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 3
Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 3
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 3
Writer(s) Michael Moreci
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Breno Tamura
Colorist(s) Dijjo Lima
Letterer(s) Taylor Esposito
Editor(s) Kevin Ketner
Collection Design {{{designer}}}
Cover Artist(s) Brent Schoonover (Cover A)
Breno Tamura & Dijjo Lima (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published April 10, 2019
Collected in
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130277657
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Twilight Command uncovers a startling revelation that forces them to reevaluate their plans. Meanwhile, Flores and Adama continue to spar--literally, in fact--over Flores's troubled past.[1]


Cylon-Occupied New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 106 days into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.
  • In the evening, Cylons hand out supplies to the denizens of New Caprica City. A Six and a Five are discussing the merits of helping the humans, and whether or not they are learning to "become more from beings who are less."
  • The next in line, Devos creates a distraction as he engages with the Five in a verbal sparring contest. Further on back on the crowd, Tomlin helps fan the flames of this instigation by planting the idea that the second truckload is for Gaius Baltar and "his cronies."
  • Galen Tyrol engages Tomlin, demanding answers as to why they're instigating the Cylons. Tomlin tells Tyrol to get ready for action.
  • A knife springs out from under Devos's sleeve, which he plunges into the Five's chest. Devos encourages the colonists to loot the supply convoy, and they overpower the local Centurion guards.
  • As Five dies, he tells Six to call John Cavil to deploy the garrison.

Prior to New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 18 days before the discovery of New Caprica.
  • Alexa Flores and William Adama spar in a boxing ring on Galactica. During this sparring session, she reveals that she was poor and had nothing, finding a family in the Colonial Marine Corps.
  • As she fights, she insults Adama, asking him what he knows about losing anything. As he delivers a knockout blow, from which she quickly recovers, he replies that while he knows more than she does about losing—yet he is "still here."

Cylon-Occupied New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 106 days into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.
  • Devos and Tomlin tell Deacon that the cavalry will be arriving soon. After Deacon makes a joke about its mission to learn the secrets of Cylon's coffee machine technology, the chagrined Devos's throat is grabbed by Tyrol, who threatens to sell Devos out to the Cylons if he attempts any further stunts to antagonize their oppressors.
  • During their argument on their tactics, Devos reveals that he was a Colonial spy, and claims to have been aware of the Cylon attack. He reveals that he attempted to warn his leadership to no avail, and notes his disdain about following the "old rules." He tells Tyrol that Twilight Command doesn't operate by those rules: "We act. We get things done. And sometimes, it gets messy."
  • Tyrol begins to apologize, but the Cylon reinforcements arrive. Tomlin tells Tyrol that the colonists need to surrender, and that Tyrol should get back to them so they may surrender quickly without further resistance before they are killed.
  • Tomlin tells Deacon that it should blend in with the other Centurions. Deacon replies that he has no desire to infiltrate any longer than it has to, as he does not want to face "the box."
  • Cavil arrives with his contingent of Centurions and is about to open fire on the rioters. Six challenges Cavil, and as they argue Tyrol offers their surrender. After making his case, Cavil reluctantly agrees, but offers a final warning that he will not be as forgiving next time and that, one way or another, he will bring order to New Caprica.
  • Deacon blends in with the other Centurions as they load into the back of the truck.

Prior to New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 18 days before the discovery of New Caprica.
  • Back in the brig, Flores receives a bag of ice from Adama for her bruises. He tells her that defeating her in the boxing ring wasn't the point, and reveals that he had lost his son, Zak Adama, and that losing people is part of life and that one moves on. Adama offers her the option to "either live for what you have here, or you can die for what you lost."

Cylon-Occupied New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 106 days into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.
  • Deacon transmits images and audio from inside the factory that it has infiltrated.
  • Flores returns to the group, having done her recon and created a loose blueprint of the facility. She points out where she suspects the manufacturing equipment is, and plans on focusing their explosives at those key points.
  • Their plans change as Deacon continues to transmit its data, revealing that the factory is much more than they imagined and they'll need more explosives.



  • It appears that security is fairly lax at the New Caprica City, as Devos and Tomlin are able to easily integrate themselves with the colonists. This would, of course, change as the Cylon crackdown depicted in "Occupation" have yet to transpire.
  • William Adama taking an interest in officers he deems worthy is a consistent trait from the series, as well as his affinity for the sport of boxing. He uses boxing as catharsis and crucible of truth, which is seen to greater effect in "Unfinished Business."
  • Adama's dwelling on Zak Adama, particularly feeling responsible for Zak's death (as Zak's death could have been avoided were it not for the pressures Adama placed on his sons), and moving on from that is in keeping with his motivations to help others work through the pain of living.
  • As to the Cylon version of boxing, Deacon demonstrates being fearful of being discovered and "boxed." It isn't clear, however, why that would be as Centurions are not seen as anything other than disposable pets by John Cavil.


  • Will Twilight Command succeed in their attack on Cavil's factory?
  • Is Devos telling the truth about knowing about the Cylon attack before it happened?
  • Is Devos telling the truth about being a spy for the government prior to the Fall?
  • How is Deacon able to manifest a personality in so short a time?

Noteworthy Dialogue

Well, well. You humans. You just... refuse to be cowed. It's almost as if... as if you want me to exterminate each and every last one of you.
Devos: All right, Deacon—Cavalry will be here any minute. You remember what to do, right?
Deacon: Yes. Learn the secrets of the Cylons coffee machine technology.
Devos: That's a joke. The Cylon's joking now. Terrific.
I'm not going to tell you that you have to move on—life keeps us moving whether we like it or not. What I will tell you is the only choice we have, as life pushes us ahead, is what we're going to make of our time. The marines you lost—they're gone. My son is gone. But there's people still here who need you, who need the both of us. You can either live for what you have here, or you can die for what you lost. The choice is yours.

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