Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 4

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Season Zero 4
Season Zero 4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jackson Herbert
Colorist(s) inLight Studio
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Cover Artist(s) Stjepan Sejic, Adriano Batista, Jackson Herbert
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Published October 2007
Collects B&W Sejic Sketch Retailer Incentive Cover
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Population 0 Survivors
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  • Following the events of previous issue, Ripper and the other surviving pilots return to Galactica with orders to see Commander Adama immediately.
  • On his way to the ready room, Adama is briefed on Starbuck and Helo's status by Gaeta, who reports that the Raptor is getting farther out of range and that all attempts at communication have failed.
  • Ripper informs Adama that Christa Nolan was a plant and that Starbuck and Helo disobeyed orders to pursue the ship that Nolan and Darja Purat escaped on.
  • Somewhere near a planet, the Raptor and the terrorist vessel emerge from their jumps. Starbuck reactivates the Raptor's transponder in order to alert Galactica to their position.
  • On the terrorist vessel, Nolan urges the pilots to lose the Raptor or destroy it. While Helo and Starbuck discuss their next move, the vessels jumps behind them.
  • In order to evade, Starbuck suggests performing an "embry drop". With the enemy vessel pursuing them and firing at them, they dive the Raptor in to the atmosphere of the planet, before crashing into the canopy of a forest. The terrorist vessel breaks off and heads towards a mountain.
  • On Galactica, Dualla attempts to contact the Raptor after receiving its transponder signal. Gaeta reports to Colonel Tigh that the Raptor's signal was last tracked to the atmosphere of Sagittaron's outermost moon.
  • Adama enters the CIC and informs Tigh that Colonial Intelligence will be getting involved again and that their agent has arrived on Galactica. They head to flight deck, where the agent immediately demands to talk with Adama in his office.
  • On the moon, Starbuck and Helo exit their Raptor. As Helo comments on how to properly execute an embry drop, he steps on some weak branches, causing him and the Raptor with Starbuck in it to fall to the forest floor. Starbuck is unharmed and promptly retrieves a large suit case before heading off towards the mountain.
  • In Adama's office, Agent Levin informs Adama that he is on Galactica to deal with the current situation, in a way that will probably require raising the limit of acceptable loses, specifically Helo and Starbuck. Adama replies that he could come up a great many plans that would not require sacrificing them.
  • Levin comments on Adama's actions in the first three issues, before stating that he would consider any alternatives Adama came up with and that he would like to explore the ship. Adama agrees, with the only condition being that Levin cannot enter the CIC without him.
  • On the moon, Starbuck and Helo examine their survival gear in the rain. Along with normal things like food, medical supplies, and tools, their gear has two assault rifles and a sniper rifle.
  • At the terrorist base, at the base of the mountain, Purjat watches Starbuck and Helo through a pair of binoculars. He soon leaves the room to meet a mysterious benefactor with Nolan. After some small talk, the benefactor goes outside to deal with Helo and Starbuck personally.
  • Adama and Levin enter the CIC. Adama says that Levin will be overseeing the next part of the mission but Levin says that Adama is out of the loop before asking about Galactica's ability to launch nuclear missiles. Tigh and Gaeta attempt to lie, but Levin becomes enraged, ordering Adama to start pre-strike preparations.
  • Adama refuses to comply, forcing Levin to order his men to take Adama to the brig. Tigh calls Marines to the CIC, but Adama orders them to stand down before he and Tigh are sent to the brig. Levin makes Gaeta acting XO and prepares to execute a nuclear strike on the moon.
  • Outside the rebel base, Starbuck and Helo go over their plan before separating. Once Helo gets into position, he spots something, but is unable to inform Starbuck because someone puts a pistol to his head.


  • As in previous issues, Galactica deploys Viper Mk IIs, which have been retired and replaced by the more advanced Viper Mk VII.
  • Sagitarron's outermost moon is inhabitable by humans and posses its own satellite.
  • Galactica is able to track Kara Thrace's and Karl Agathon's Raptor as they briefly broadcast their transmitter in short bursts.
  • The person who has Agathon at gunpoint uses the "Colonial Clamshell" version of the Colonial sidearm.


  • How long has the base been on the moon?
  • What are the motivations for using a nuclear strike on the moon?
  • Is Levin a plant as well?
  • Who is Purjat's mysterious benefactor and is he the one with the pistol at Helo's head? (Answer)
  • What did Karl Agathon see before he was discovered? (Answer)
  • Will the nuclear strike actually happen? (Answer)

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