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Issue 1
Issue 1
An issue of the Dynamite first series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Greg Pak
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Penciller(s) Nigel Raynor
Inker(s) Nigel Raynor
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Cover Artist(s) Michael Turner
Billy Tan
Nigel Raynor
Adaptation of Between "Home, Part II" and "Pegasus"
Published August 2006?
Collected in Battlestar Galactica Volume I
Reprinted as
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Population 47,853 Survivors (No population change.)
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Kara Thrace, investigating the burning medivac filled with people awaiting rescue from Cylon Centurion attack, discovers that the ship is filled with people that, according to ship records, died years before. Thrace encounters Zak Adama, while Commander Adama suspects a Cylon trap.


  • Kara Thrace finds Zak Adama on the bridge of the burning medivac ship. Challenging him with questions, he recalls his last moments before he appeared on the medivac ship.
  • Commander Adama and Captain Lee Adama struggle over wireless to convince Thrace that this is a ruse, likely a Cylon trap.
  • Several ships in the Fleet have identically-created damage on their FTL drives, indicating a coordinated attack.
  • More Centurions attack the medivac ship, and Zak Adama and Thrace fight them off.
  • Dualla's brother, Darrin Dualla, calls out on open wireless channels from Medivac 12 to all the ships of the Fleet to plea for rescue, naming their crews and passengers. Many people on the ships hear the names of the dead and are frightened and confused.
  • While Commander Adama remains unconvinced that the people are genuine, Laura Roslin alerts him to a passage of the Sacred Scrolls: "The dead shall return in an ark of fire."
  • Many citizens in the Fleet, possibly Gemeneses, also know of the passage in the Scrolls, promising to receive the returned people "with fear and joy."
  • The medivac ship with Zak Adama and Thrace is reeling out of control. Thrace is injured, but Adama chooses to fly the ship past the other burning debris, knowing full well that his flying skills are questionable at best.
  • Apollo agrees with Commander Adama that the person calling himself Zak Adama is probably a Cylon, but Commander Adama instructs Apollo to clear a derelict tanker out of the path of Medivac 12 to save Thrace's life.
  • Medivac 12 is approached by Raptors for further investigation and rescue.
  • Despite their mutual, critical denial that Zak Adama is alive, both Lee and Bill Adama are in anguish over the open wounds of Zak Adama's memory.
  • Caprica-Valerii tells Commander Adama, Lee Adama, and Gaius Baltar that there are 12 human Cylon models, but there are 33 of these returned people, meaning that these people are not Cylons. Baltar believes that the Cylons have used their technology to clone the dead and tap into human memories to create these doppelgangers, which Valerii denies.
  • More FTL drive sabotage continues. A group calling themselves the Earth Protectorate claims responsibility, believing that the Fleet will bring the Cylons to the last haven of humanity, Earth. The group vows to stop the Fleet, even if means a death for everyone in the vastness of space.
  • The medivac ship refuses to give tissue and blood samples while in quarantine. Zak Adama tries to tell Thrace something when someone boards the ship without authorization. When Starbuck attempts to fire on the individual, Zak Adama stops her from firing. Leaving her with a kiss, Adama swears to prove his identity.
  • Galactica notes that zip pods have been launched from the medivac ship, heading for various ships in the Fleet, including the battlestar. While the military is successful in stopping some of them, others, such as Darrin Dualla, make it to Galactica and are placed in a decontamination cell.
  • As Captain and Commander Adama try to understand the plan of the returned humans, they encounter members of Galactica who appear afflicted with disease that appears to be causing them to decay like a dead body.


  • Who prophecized the return of the dead in the Scrolls?
  • Why aren't Darrin and Anastasia Dualla on first name terms?



  • Aerotrims are used in basic flight training.
  • The artwork in Adama's quarters is reminiscent of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian.

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