Gaius Baltar (alternate)

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Gaius Baltar (alternate)
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Gaius Baltar
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Introduced Battlestar Galactica 0
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[[Image:|200px|Gaius Baltar (alternate)]]

Gaius Baltar is a computer programmer and scientist from Aerilon.

Originally growing up on a farm with his mother and brother, Bernard Baltar, he becomes known for tinkering and repairing electronics and machines. Some of the workers view him negatively, particularly after he attempts to make improvements to the farm's harvesting processes, which ultimately end up failing.

In his teens, he applies to Caprica University and is accepted, later settling on Caprica permanently.

Later, he becomes a scientist at the Ministry of Defense. Two years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, he and Dr. Amorak vied for the position of director of the Command Navigation Program project. Amorak succeeded in obtaining this position, but is later abducted by the Cylons, thereby permitting Baltar to get the position.

After obtaining the position, he begins a relationship with Caprica-Six after meeting at a Caprica City nightclub. This is the Number Six model whom he believes to be a defense contractor vying for secrets, and not the humans' mortal enemy (Battlestar Galactica: Origins 1).