Stuart Bachanal

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Stuart Bachanal
Stuart Bachanal


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Callsign Banzai
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Introduced Razor Flashbacks, Episode 2
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Role Viper pilot and squadron leader, Galactica
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Portrayed by Jacob Blair
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Lieutenant Stuart "Banzai" Bachanal[1] was a Viper pilot and squadron leader assigned to Galactica during the Cylon War.

During Operation Raptor Talon, William Adama flew as Banzai's wingman in a failed attempt to defend Columbia from the Cylons who had knocked out her defenses (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 3).

Banzai had to be firm with the willful young Adama, having to pull Adama away from a wounded Jaycie McGavin (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 2) and later unsuccessfully trying to keep Adama from following two Cylon Raiders down to the ice planet (Razor Flashbacks, Episode 3).



  1. Full name is shown on a Viper nameplate sold during the Propworx auction.