The Comitat

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The Comitat, short for posse comitatus, are an assemblage of species originating within the Empyrean Expanse.

The Comitat's creation is spurred by the deceits and raids of the Okaati, a race of nomads who fled their homeworld in the aftermath of an ecological disaster sometime during the sixth-millennium. Formerly, the species of the Comitat lent aid to these forlorn star voyagers, only for the Okaati to turn against them as resource scarcity became prevalent in the Expanse over.

Combining forces, these various divergent races aim to apprehend the Okaati and bring them all to justice, as well as any other species aiding and abetting them.


Utilizing energy weapons, full-body armors, and drone fighter crafts known as bladeships, the Comitat use non-lethal means to apprehend their prey despite their overwhelming tactical abilities. Comitat forces congregate around a central capital ship, known as the Node, which acts as both command and control, as well as prison for those who have wronged the Comitat.

Smaller scouting parties lead by frigates deploy bladeships to incapacitate their enemies with non-lethal methods (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0#4).


The leadership structure is representative, with each species represented by a Thane, while their leader is the newest species victimized by the Okaati. During or about 7348, that leadership role would have been assumed by the Kiernu Chancellor, as the Okaati attacked the Kiernu the yahren prior (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4).

Commander Adama is the first sentient to not only represent a species from outside the Empyrean Expanse as a member of the Comitat, but to assume its leadership role in the wake of the Kiernu's extermination by the Cylons, having been the representative of the group newly wronged by the Okaati (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4).