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These are continuity errors seen in Galactica 1980.

Costume errors[edit]

  • In "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I," Troy's Warrior jacket does not have the Galactica patch upon landing on Earth, and embarking on his turbocycle. However, Kent McCord's stunt double has this emblem on his jacket, allowing viewers to discern between footage shot with McCord and footage shot with the actors' stunt double on their turbocycles.

Dialogue errors[edit]

Logic errors[edit]

  • The signal correctly believed by some Colonials to be from Earth is the Apollo 11 moon landing from 1969, and is received by Galactica in the Original Series finale, "The Hand of God". Eleven years have passed on Earth, since the Fleet finds Earth in 1980; however, thirty years have passed for the Fleet, indicating they should have come across the planet much later than 1980.
An energy bolt goes through an USAF airman.
  • In "The Super Scouts, Part I," the Delphi develops engine trouble and stops "dead in space". However, the ship should still have inertia, thus continuing to move in space, until slowed or diverted by a gravitational pull or other outside force.
  • In "The Super Scouts, Part II," Sydell opens the back of John Stockton's van, seeing the empty beds. As he points the flashlight in Stockton's face, he asks where the Warriors and children are. On another shot at roughly ~44:08, which is supposed to show his response to this question, Stockton is (somehow) on the left side of the van when he replies to this question.
  • In "Space Croppers," there are three Agro Ships being attacked by Cylons. However, it is previously established that within the first year of their journey for Earth, two of the three surviving Agro Ships are destroyed by a similar attack in "The Magnificent Warriors". To add to the contradiction, Adama refers to the attack as having destroyed one agricultural ship.
  • In "Space Croppers" at ~04:22, a Viper pilot jukes to his port, but the next special effects shot shows the Viper juking to starboard.

Prop errors[edit]

A cop with two different badge numbers! (1980: "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II").
  • In "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part II," the old NYPD cop that pursues Troy and Dillon is wearing badges with two different and conflicting numbers. His hat says 4286 while the badge on his jacket reads 6425. This is also prevalent on many of the NYPD cops that make appearances in this episode.
  • In "Space Croppers, the laser pistols used by Troy and Dillon to prepare the ground for planting are the laser pistols of Cylon Centurions, not Colonials.

Reused footage[edit]

Due to the alleged substantively reduced budget and production problems in 1980, much of the series reuses footage from the Original Series to a much higher degree than in the original.

Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I[edit]

Galactica Discovers Earth, Part III[edit]

  • At ~00:21:04, footage of Troy pressing the switch to activate the flying mode on the turbine is used. However, it can be plainly seen that he is wearing the standard Colonial uniform, instead of the puffy jacket that he's actually wearing when being pursued by the sheriff.
  • The computer screen depicting how close Troy and Dillon are near to Xavier's Viper is taken from "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I," when the Cylons are readying the Ravashol pulsar to fire.

The Super Scouts, Part I[edit]

  • Footage depicting the destruction scenes on the Delphi are taken from various sources, primarily "Fire in Space".
  • Also at ~00:07:17, an explosion effect is overlaid with a shot of a launch tube with a Viper inside.

The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I[edit]

  • Immediately after Britton and Kanon's Viper rams into the A-B Raider, the undercarriage of a regular Raider can be seen briefly at ~00:03:22 from inside the Viper's cockpit.
  • The scene between Zee and Adama discussing the fact that the Cylons have evolved beyond their greatest fears is the same as the discussion about the attack on the Delphi in "The Super Scouts, Part I". There is an abandoned sub-plot in a previous version of the script for "The Super Scouts, Part I" that would have introduced the android Cylons, and this dialogue is clearly the only surviving descendant of that abandoned plotline.
  • The scene of two police cars alleging to be on West 12th Street at ~00:44:22 shows two older police cars, as noted by the different strobe-and-flash rack on the roof, and the car types.
  • While A-B Raider has been closing the Earth, Paradeen (or Attila) has been seen to replaced the Earth through the windows

Space Croppers[edit]

The Return of Starbuck[edit]

Special effects[edit]

Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I[edit]

The black "rods" can be seen from the back of the Raider models in this shot.
  • The visual effects depicting two Raiders reveal what appear to be stubs from two rods that hold and rotate the Raider models in "Galactica Discovers Earth, Part I" at ~00:09:08. These rods can be seen throughout Dr. Zee's simulated attack scenes.
  • At ~00:09:12, at the top of the Capitol Records building is a burning hole, which can be seen through the Raider wing.

The Super Scouts, Part I[edit]

  • The smoke on the Delphi is overlaid on top of the live-action footage, as one can clearly see when the camera angle moves, yet the smoke remains fixed in place.