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Birth place Galactican Fleet
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Introduced The Super Scouts, Part I
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Parents Both are still alive
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Role Super Scout
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Wellington is a Cylon
Wellington is a Final Five Cylon
Wellington is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Wellington is an Original Series Cylon
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Wellington is one of the first Super Scouts to settle Earth. He is the more mature of the bunch, if not a bit off-putting, and matter-of-fact at times.

During the attack on the Delphi by the Cylons, he and other Super Scouts are trapped in a compartment, but are subsequently freed by Dillon and Troy. After they reach Shuttle Alpha, Wellington and Starla reject Dillon's help in bracing themselves in.

After making landfall, Wellington appears to assert some level of maturity and leadership role amongst the Super Scouts. He takes it upon himself to read the Scout handbook Troy had procured. However, later that day, he, Moonstone and another scout become ill due to drinking from the nearby lake, which is host to various toxic chemicals originating from the Stanford Chemical Plant (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I"). When neither his nor the sick Scouts condition change for the better, Troy, Dillon and John Stockton meet up with the anti-gravity ship that the Warriors had summoned, and he is subsequently treated on board (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").

Later, who leads a seminar on television camera technology at the UBC studio, taking apart camera four to explain its workings. When confronted by an irate cameraman, he and the scouts hastily reassemble the camera, which Mr. Brooks and the camera believe to be impossible. Wellington later hits a homerun in the championship game, explaining to his bewildered opponent that it is a simple matter of physics (1980: "Spaceball").

During a showing of This Island Earth at a movie complex, he notes that the mutant alien looks like a Gorkon. He later corrects the female guide at the Griffith Observatory about the number of stars in the galaxy (1980: "The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I").