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Introduced The Super Scouts, Part I
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Role Sheriff, Paradise Valley
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Portrayed by John Quade
Ellsworth is a Cylon
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Sheriff Ellsworth is the primary law enforcement officer in Paradise Valley, California, Earth.

Ellsworth apparently in cahoots with John Stockton of the Stanford Chemical Plant, and is called upon to deal with the meddling efforts of Warriors Troy and Dillon. These two Warriors become involved in the issue of Stanford Chemical's toxic waste disposal methods after three of the Super Scouts fall ill, after drinking water from a lake containing toxic waste.

Ellsworth and three of his deputies, including Collins, go to arrest the Super Scouts and their "phony scoutmasters" after word comes to him that their scout troop doesn't exist (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I"). However, they are bemused when they find their encampment gone, apples thrown from a non-apple tree, and their cars driving off (seemingly) by themselves.

Ellsworth later calls on Colonel Jack Sydell, with whom he relays his story. Ellsworth later accompanies Sydell to the hospital to check on the super scouts, and later drives him to an abandoned Nike missile base atop a mountain in the hopes of capturing Troy, Dillon, the Super Scouts, and the first definitive evidence of a UFO. While this fails, Ellsworth later finds a box of cubits and a note from the Warriors apologizing for the trouble they've caused, in addition to payment for the stolen money, much to Ellsworth's delight (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").