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This article covers the various depictions of the Original Series' Boxey from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

Berkley Novelizations


Boxey is an full-fledged orphan, his parents presumably killed during the final Cylon attack on the Colonies.[1] His adoptive parents became Serina and Apollo respectively.[2]

As Boxey grew older, he came to hate that name and his extended family searched for a new name, given that they never knew his birth name. As a result, they christen him "Troy".[3]

Given the deaths of both sets of parents, biological and adoptive, Troy had "put up barriers that no one could get through" for fear of loving someone, then losing them again.[4]

The Tombs of Kobol

Boxey is pleased at the fact that Serina and Apollo are to be married, however the marriage was short lived and he is forced to go through the death of his second mother.

The Living Legend

After Adama's death sometime well into the future, Troy is given command of Galactica and access to Adama's personal journals that have not been read by anyone before him. (Apollo is not given command due to his death sometime before Adama's.) When presented with Adama's logs after a pre-recorded introduction made by Adama, he first searches the logs about Commander Cain, who Adama credits for saving the entire Fleet.[5]

Dynamite Entertainment

Boxey and Muffit during the arduous transit through the mysterious black hole (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 3 #1).

There are at least four variations of Boxey from the Dynamite Entertainment comics, including:

Marvel comics

Boxey loses Muffey during the Cylon bombardment of Caprica's cities (Annihilation!).

Boxey is the son of Serina who, along with his daggit Muffey, frolics around the Caprica city while his mother hosts a newscast to cover the anticipated armistice.

When the Cylons attack, Boxey and Muffey attempt to flee the rampant destruction. While Serina saves Boxey from falling debris of a nearby structure, Muffey does not share such fortune and, after a short search, Boxey and his mother flee the city ruins into the hillside, where they encounter Captain Apollo's Viper near the ruins of Commander Adama home (Annihilation!).

He makes a few fleeting appearances in the Marvel comics that occur after A Death in the Family.

Maximum Press comics

Boxey in 7347.

Unlike his counterpart from other series, including the continuations, Boxey is not the nickname for Troy, but merely a version of his name, Box.

As the Maximum Press comics follow the Original Series's official canon very strongly, Boxey is referred to as the biological son of Serina and the step-son of Apollo. In 7344, Sheba and Apollo are sealed and he has a step-brother named Cain, who is born that same yahren (War of Eden 1).

By 7362, Box is a lieutenant and a Viper pilot. He is Captain Starbuck's wingman, and is one of three Warriors (the others being Starbuck and Colonel Boomer) who are part of the first Colonial landing party to Earth. During this mission, where Box almost loses his life by a dinosaur's maw, they discover the object later known as Adam's Ark (War of Eden 1-4).


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