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Cassiopeia from Dynamite Entertainment's Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 3 #1.


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Cassiopeia in the primary continuity
Cassiopeia from the Maximum Press comic book series.

Cassiopeia is a medtech of Doctor Salik's aboard battlestar Galactica, having moved on from her life as a socialator following the Battle of Cimtar.

Berkley Novelizations

Cassiopeia is described as a brunette while Athena is described as a blonde in contrast to the actresses who portrayed them.

During the mass exodus from the surface of Caprica, Starbuck and Cassiopeia pilot a shuttle filled with highly volatile tylium. They barely evade the attacking Cylons and return to Galactica (Saga of a Star World novelization).

Dynamite Entertainment comics

Following entry into a mysterious black hole, Cassiopeia oversees the care of Adama while, unbeknownst to her and Salik, Iblis warps Adama's mind (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 3 #1 & #4).

Marvel comics

Cassiopeia is a socialator who escapes to the safety of the rag-tag fugitive fleet aboard the freighter Gemini, her arm having been broken sometime during the incident. Familiar with the Gemenon language, she translates for an elderly Gemonesse woman who asks Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer for help with her ailing husband. Apollo orders Starbuck to bring both the elderly man and Cassiopeia to Galactica's life station, particularly Cassiopeia after it becomes clear that she is in danger from a mob of Otori Sect women.

Starbuck and Cassiopeia flirt with one another aboard the returning shuttle, with Cassiopeia suggesting that he "make an appointment" with her after Starbuck admits to having headaches and needing "some kind of release" (Exodus!).

Cassiopeia later becomes a nurse, assisting Dr. Wilker while Adama is connected to the memory inducer (All Things Past and Present).

Maximum Press comics

Twenty yahrens after the events of the Original Series, it is eventually revealed that Cassiopeia died on a mission lead by Starbuck.

Prior to this, when Starbuck is believed to be lost in a battle with Eastern Alliance Destroyers, Cassiopeia visits Chameleon and expresses regret that she failed to tell Starbuck her true feelings (Starbuck #2).