Sacred Scrolls (alternate)

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For the Sacred Scrolls depicted in the Re-imagined Series, see: Sacred Scrolls.

A portion of the Sacred Scrolls.

The Sacred Scrolls are a set of writings that form the basis of Colonial religion, a polytheistic faith resembling the legends of ancient Greece. The scrolls record much of the alleged history of humanity, including life on Kobol before the great exodus, and the legend of Earth. Portions of the scrolls are used in religious ceremonies, such as the Service for the dead (TRS: Miniseries, "Act of Contrition").

Most notable among the Sacred Scrolls is the Book of Pythia, also referred to as the Pythian Prophecy. Written 3,600 years ago by the oracle Pythia, they are believed by some to foretell the current exodus from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.


The contents of the Sacred Scrolls have only been revealed in glimpses, through brief quotes, paraphrases and explanations.

The Returners

Laura Roslin (from pg. 733): "The dead shall return in an ark of fire." (Battlestar Galactica 0)
Various Colonials: "We shall receive them with fear and joy."