Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 0

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Season Zero 0
Season Zero 0
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 0
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Stephen Segovia
Colorist(s) inLight Studio
Letterer(s) Simon Bowland
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Cover Artist(s) Stephen Segovia
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Population 0 Survivors
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On Galactica's first mission under the command of Commander William Adama, Adama is assigned to search for his former friend and commander, Julian DiMarco, in Neutral Space.


  • Two years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Commander William Adama and Colonel Saul Tigh are walking through a boarding tube at Colonial Fleet Headquarters at Picon. Tigh asks about the assignment that they've been given, despite the fact that they haven't even set foot on Galactica yet. After Adama jokes that Admiral Nagala believes that Tigh would make a perfect Miss Aerilon, he explains that it is a search-and-rescue mission.
  • They meet Captain Aaron Kelly at the hatch, who informs them that Galactica is fully staffed and ready for inspection. After Kelly assures Adama that it'll pass inspection, Adama informs them that they won't have time for one as they have a mission to conduct.
  • In CIC, Adama, Kelly, and Tigh go over the mission. In answer to Kelly's question of where exactly they will be jumping to, Adama makes the revelation that they won't be jumping to a location on their local star maps. Instead, they'll be going into Neutral Space to conduct their search-and-rescue, much to Kelly's surprise.
  • Tigh mentions that Adama makes Kelly a little nervous, to which Adama replies that this is not his style.
  • In answer to Tigh's question about what they're looking for, Adama tells him that an expeditionary ship lead by Julian DiMarco has gone beyond Colonial borders. Adama reveals that they were sent to find it because Adama was friends, and former executive officer to, then-Admiral DiMarco who formerly commanded the battlestar Columbia.
  • At 14:32, some 27 hours later, Galactica passes the border into Neutral Space and executes condition escalation procedures.
  • In Adama's quarters, Tigh asks him if he managed to get any rack time. Adama replies that he got some "off and on", adding that he could never sleep well for the first few days after being away from Anne. Tigh replies that he sleeps "like a baby" when he and Ellen are apart, as she tosses and turns "like a hog in mud".
  • Tigh comments on the ambrosia, which Adama indicates is a gift from the admiralty to be saved for a special occassion. Tigh comments that he'll be feeling special soon enough.
  • Adama is called by Kelly, who reports that they've received a transponder signal from the planet surface, but are having problems narrowing it down. Additionally, he reports that they are also unable to raise anyone on wireless. Adama orders that a Raptor and rescue team be prepped and that he'll lead the team. Kelly questions the irregularity of that, but Adama notes that this is a personal matter.
  • Later, Raptor 339 is launched and jumps to the planet. Upon entering the planet's atmosphere, they barely receive then loose wireless contact entirely. The pilot chalks it up to the windstorm and suggests they find a higher mesa to better their chances at wireless communication.
  • In the back, Doctor Cottle tells Adama that he doesn't miss field work and is satisfied with being the chief medical officer. Cottle asks Adama about the last time he saw battle up close, Adama answers that it's been a while but he doesn't miss it.
  • A heat-seeking missile is detected by DRADIS, but it strikes before it can be evaded. After sending out a distress call (which isn't received due to the interference), the Raptor manages to land near another crash site by using the vertical thrusters to cushion the fall.
  • There were no injuries sustained in the crashed and everyone leaves the Raptor weapons hot. An officer reports that she's locked on to the missing ship's transponder, which leads them to the crash-site.
  • Back on Galactica, Kelly reports that he can't raise the Raptor team. Tigh assures him that the weather is pretty nasty and that the crew is all right; under his breath, Tigh asks Adama not to make a liar out of him.
  • On the surface, they come across DiMarco, who is surprised, but not too happy to see them. After Adama determines that none of DiMarco's team was responsible for the attack on the Raptor, DiMarco tells Adama that he shouldn't have come as there are "things about this [situation] that you can't possibly understand".
  • Adama doesn't get any more information out of DiMarco as they are soon surrounded by newer model Cylon Centurions, who have found them first.


  • This issue was available on Free Comic Book Day, billed as "Issue 0" with a unique cover. It was read by over 100,000 people.[1]
  • The art within the issue repeats an error in terms of Galactica's having windowed quarters. To date, nowhere other than the observation deck has windows.
  • The Centurions in this issue, while appearing to be the newer model, are armed with rifles and do not use their built-in weaponry. Although in "Razor", some Centurions that board Pegasus also use rifles in lieu of their built-in guns.
  • This issue picks up less than four hours after where Battlestar Galactica: Origins 8 left off.


  • Like the other comics before it, this series plays a bit hard and fast with some of the continuity, particularly when it comes to the Cylons, who haven't been seen in 40 years prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.
  • It is uncertain whether or not Zak Adama is dead yet, since he infers that he is still on good terms with Anne.
    • As mentioned in the Notes section of this article, the events depicted in this issue take place after Origins 8, which Zak's funeral is depicted in, so he has in fact been dead and buried for quite some time.
    • Also, Kara Thrace first met Commander Adama at Zak's funeral, and she joins Galactica's airwing in Issue 2, pretty much cementing the fact that Zak is indeed dead.