Prison of Souls, Part 1

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Prison of Souls, Part 1
Prison of Souls, Part 1
An issue of the Realm Press series.
Issue No. 3
Writer(s) Chris Scalf (plot); James Kuhorick (writer)
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Penciller(s) Chris Scalf and Robert Scott
Letterer(s) Tanja Scalf
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Published March 1998
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Population 0 Survivors
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Plot Synopsis

As the Fleet approaches a group of derelict alien ships, Adama experiences visions of the future that spell doom for the rag-tag, fugitive fleet.


Adama's Dream / Derelict Fleet

  • Galactica and the rag-tag, fugitive fleet are being driven into the heart of an unknown cosmic storm responsible for destroying an entire galaxy.
  • In core command, Colonel Tigh informs Commander Adama that Blue Squadron is preparing to enter this storm.
  • Captain Apollo reports that scanners are showing massive energy fluctuations, which results in the loss of various pilots around him.
  • Adama orders the team to get his team out of there, but it is too late: Apollo and Blue Squadron are destroyed. Soon thereafter, the Fleet, including the last surviving battlestar are destroyed by the storm.
  • Adama awakens in his quarters, thanking the lord that it was "just a nightmare".
  • Tigh calls Adama, immediately concerned due to Adama's appearance, despite Adama's assurances to the contrary. Tigh informs him that they have just picked up a fleet of disabled ships on their long range scanners. Tigh begins to speculate that they may be from Earth, but Adama tells Tigh not to speculate, and asks that this discovery be kept quiet until they can assess the situation without council interference.
  • In core command, Tigh briefs Adama on what they know: the ships are located approximately 10 cycles dead ahead of Galactica.
  • Omega adds that the derelict fleet consists of eight ships: seven are the size of freighters, with the eighth 20 times the size of Galactica.
  • Adama orders Tigh to send a fighter squadron and recon shuttle to investigate the derelict. Adama then goes off to inform the council.
  • During his discussions with the council, Sire Doma debates on the merits of assigning Captain Apollo to a mission of such "magnitude". During this, Adama sees an alien face over Sire Doma, then falls unconscious.

Adama's Collapse / Warning Dream

  • In the life science center, Doctor Salik informs Apollo and present personnel that Adama's condition is stable and there does not appear to be anything physically wrong with him.
  • Salik speculates that the burden that Adama carries may have finally taken a mental toll, but waits to see the results of the brain scans.
  • In core command, Tigh takes temporary command of the Fleet, and orders that the expedition, lead by Blue Squadron, commence. While ordering Omega this, Tigh notes that Miller, a bridge officer, is acting odd. Miller screams "Eyes, the eyes... Stop looking at me!" Jolly and another Warrior restrains Miller, with Tigh wondering what prompted the breakdown. He notes that he is "starting to get a really bad feeling about this."
  • In Launch Bay Alpha, Starbuck and Apollo are in Shuttle Alpha, performing pre-flight operations. Starbuck discusses his belief that this might be a good time for him to take that extended furlon he's been planning; Apollo talks him out of it, asking: "Why, what if that main ship is a long forgotten vault ship full of cubits?"
  • Shuttle Alpha launches, with Doctor Wilker onboard, escorted by Blue Squadorn, under Lieutenant Boomer's command.
  • En route, Wilker theorizes that a race powerful enough to power a ship the size of a planet must be light-yahrens ahead of the Colonials.
  • Apollo voices his feeling that it "doesn't seem right doing this recon" without Adama in command.
  • In the life sciences center, Salik discusses with Cassiopeia his concern over Adama's brain scan. Adama's cerebral functions are normal, but a section of his brain that is normally inactive is suddenly active, acting like a receiver for an energy that Salik cannot identify.
  • Adama is in a dream-state, in a corridor, and sees a silhouette of a man. He asks if the man is his son. Suddenly, he sees Starbuck, Sheba, and Boomer, whose eyes are no longer human, but glowing golden spheres.
  • In agony over losing his son to this ominous force, he hears Boxey, who is with his daggit, Muffit II. Boxey claims that "they" just want to help them, wanting Adama to save them from a race called Somnians.

Baltar's Fate / Vulpa's Planning / Docking on the Mothership

  • On the Prison Barge, Baltar has heard of the prison guard's plans to execute him. This plan's ringleader is Krolis, who tells Krin and Norus to take out the security force in the landing bay and secure it, and another accomplice, Alon, will secure the bridge and open communication to the Fleet, to publicize Baltar's execution.
  • On Vulpa Six's basestar, Vulpa Six reports to the Imperious Leader on the possible position of the Fleet. After transmitting the possible coordinates, Imperious Leader informs Vulpa that three additional baseships will rendezvous with him to aid in crushing "those pathetic insects once and for all". The Imperious Leader assures Vulpa Six that should his calculations be erroneous, he will be planning the Fleet's destruction with Vulpa Seven.
  • At the derelict mothership, Shuttle Alpha proceeds to dock. Upon docking, they see various ships of unknown design, though clearly shuttles much like their own.
  • Apollo, Wilker and Starbuck disembark; Apollo contacts Boomer on uni-com and relays what they see. They approach a hatch, where Wilker sees a light panel, wondering if they are a type of control mechanism. Apollo sternly rebukes the effort, noting that the controls may very well vent them out into space.
  • Upon entering the hatch, they proceed to an area where there are various computer terminals. Starbuck happens upon an alien carcass, upright inside an alcove. Starbuck sees the carcass turn into Apollo, with glowing golden eyes; the visage asks for Starbuck's help, telling him that he needs his soul.
  • Starbuck is disoriented, which Apollo quicky notices and brings Starbuck back to the shuttle. He tells Boomer that he is going back for Wilker, who is looking over something on the derelict. Unbeknownst to him, a shadow of an alien hand is seen over the back of his helmet.
  • The Fleet is at full stop, awaiting word from the expedition. While they haven't heard anything back, Salik asks for Tigh's presence in the medical bay.
  • Salik tells Tigh about the visions Adama's been having as a result of "some type of alien energy waves being received deep in his cerebral cortex," which are tuned to Adama's brainwaves and are crippling him. He also tells Tigh that Adama knows this, and has his own theory.
  • Adama informs Tigh that the Somnians are coming, and that "we are their prey".
  • On the Prison Barge, Krolis watches his plans unfold in the security office: Krin and Norus secure the north and south landing bays respectively, whike Krolis waits for Alon to secure the bridge.
  • On the barge's bridge, Alon is being talked down by his friend of twenty yahren, an unnamed communications officer. Alon, depsite the fact that Krolis would likely kill him too if he didn't go along, agrees for his friend to contact Galactica, but to do so quickly as Alon must contact Krolis in a few microns.
  • In his cell, Baltar begins sharpening a shank, preparing to defend himself from his would-be executioners. As he's doing so, he sees Adama, with glowing eyes and large bird-like claws coming through the cell door. This apparition tells Baltar that "death is too good for the likes of you... I want your soul!"
  • Omega relays the barge's situation to Tigh, who orders Blue Squadron to return to the Fleet to thwart Baltar's execution, much to Boomer's dismay.
  • Apollo still searches for Wilker on the derelict, while a Wilker tinkers with a console... as he does so a claw comes up behind him and grabs the face of Wilker's helmet.
  • Apollo happens upon Wilker, who pulls out his laser pistol and reports that Wilker has been attacked by some kind of alien.
  • In the life sciences center, Adama stirs awake, proclaiming: "God help us ... they're here!"


  • "Cycles" are used as a measure of distance.
  • Omega is shown sporting the beige Warrior's uniform instead of the command blues.
  • The derelict mothership is twenty times the size of Galactica; Tigh notes that this derelict is "the size of a small moon". Depending on the size of a typical "small moon," Galactica is twenty times smaller, giving a firmer grasp on the size of Galactica (at least in the context of the comics).
  • The life science center is referred to as the "med lab" in the comic, a term that is commonly used in the Babylon 5 television series, and is shorthand for "medical laboratory".
  • The prison barge is shown to have two landing bays, using nomenclature mainly used in land or sea maps, namely "north" and "south".
  • The characters of Boxey, Jolly, Muffit II, Salik, and Wilker make their Realm Press comic book appearance in this issue.
  • Cassiopeia herself is mentioned briefly in "The Law of Volahd, Part 1," but not seen until this issue, albeit briefly.


  • Adama's concern on interference from the council is well founded, in light of the events of "Greetings From Earth" and "Baltar's Escape," both of which nearly lead to disastrous results.
  • A fact that is absent in the original series is the reaction of the Fleet's members to Baltar's survival and imprisonment. This is covered in the comic, notably amongst the guards themselves, who plan to overtake the Prison Barge and execute Baltar before the Fleet via its communications system.
  • Prison Barge security is shown to be, yet again, lax, as the control center is easily taken over.
  • Wilker's impulsiveness rears its proverbial head, as exemplified by Wilker's aim to experiment with the light-based control panel, before being stopped by Apollo. This is nothing new to the character, as Wilker is a most impulsive scientist, as demonstrated by his nearly careless experimentation on the Lunar Avion's cryo-tubes in "Greetings From Earth".


  • What alien intelligence is in contact with Adama?
  • Is there a specific reason Adama is the only one to receive warnings about the Somnians?
  • What happened to the alien ships?
  • Who did Sire Doma have in mind to lead the expedition to the derelicts?
  • How many other squadrons does Galactica have? Why not just launch another squadron of Vipers to deal with the Prison Barge situation?
  • Who are the Somnians? What do they want?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Starbuck attempts to weasel his way out of the expedition:
Starbuck: I don't know Apollo. This might have been a good time to take that extended furlon I've been planning.
Apollo: No Statrbuck. You wouldn't want to take time off now ... not when adventure and possible monetary salvage is right around the corner. Why, what if that main ship is a long forgotten vault ship full of cubits?
Starbuck: Cubits you say ...