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Realm Press was a comic book company that published comic books based exclusively on the Original Series, starting in 1998.

Realm Press brought Battlestar Galactica back to comics again beginning with their "Battlestar Galactica Search for Sanctuary" single issue special. Other one shots were subsequently published. Later, Realm introduced a monthly comic titled "Battlestar Galactica Season 3". Unfortunately, this series only ran for three issues before it was canceled, and shortly thereafter Realm abandoned the project altogether.

The Realm series was notable for its use of airbrushed art and its attempts to remain faithful to the look and feel of the original series.

Battlestar Galactica, Season II

  1. Issue 1: The Law of Volahd, Part 1 (2 alternate covers)
  2. Issue 2: The Law of Volahd, Part 2
  3. Issue 3: Prison of Souls, Part 1 (2 alternate covers)
  4. Issue 4: Prison of Souls, Part 2
  5. Issue 5: Prison of Souls, Part 3

Battlestar Galactica, Season III

  1. Issue 1: No Place Like Home (3 alternate covers)
  2. Issue 2: Hades Hath No Fury (4 alternate covers)
  3. Issue 3: Fire in the Sky (3 alternate covers)

The New Millennium

  1. Fear of Flying / Favorite Son / Tales of the Pegasus: Chapter One, Daddy’s Girl (3 alternate covers)

Eve of Destruction

  1. Prelude I: Nostalgie De La Boue / Prelude II: Daughter of Elysium

Search For Sanctuary

  1. Search For Sanctuary, Part 1
  2. Search For Sanctuary Special Edition

1999 Tourbook

  1. Dark Genesis (3 alternate covers)

Battlestar Galactica Special Edition

  1. Centurion Prime (2 alternate covers)

Gallery Special

  1. The Care and Feeding of Your Daggit / Masquerade

Cancelled one-shots

  1. Colonial Technical Journal, Volume 1
  2. Dire Prophecy (2 alternate covers)
  3. Darkest Night (2 alternate covers)
  4. Battlestar Black and White (2 alternate covers)
  5. Cylon Dawn (2 alternate covers)
  6. No-Man’s Land (2 alternate covers)
  7. Minor Difficulties (anthology of short tales)

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