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This is a list of unproduced scripts for the Original Series.

Prod. No. Title Writers Overview
Unknown Saga of a Star World (early draft) Glen A. Larson An early version of Saga of a Star World with numerous differences: Skyler is the early name for Apollo; Starbuck is much younger; Lyra is the early name for Serina; and there is no Cassiopeia.
#85274 The Beta Pirates Leslie Stevens Athena, Boxey and Muffit are captured, sold at a slave auction, end up in a Cylon prison -- only to be rescued by Skyler (Apollo's original name), Starbuck and a pirate with a "heart of gold".
Unknown The Nari of Sentinel 27/Crossfire John Ireland An early version of Gun on Ice Planet Zero with many changes of note, among with the Cylons are reptilian, the Thetas are called "Nari" (which connections to Earth herself!), and Serina is featured in the episode as "Lyra". This version does not contain the convicts, Vulpa, or Dr. Ravashol.
Unknown Fire in Space Michael Sloan The script that "Fire in Space" is based on. However, there are several major differences; Starbuck, Apollo, and Boomer are undercover in a bar attempting to find information on the Cylon pursuit; the Cylons have a plan to attack and ram Galactica called "The Delta Factor". During this, Starbuck is convicted of killing the husband of a woman he meets, Apollo is forced to seek out laser power packs for Adama's surgery, Starbuck uses his Viper to extinguish a blaze, and Boxey, who just happens to witness the murder Starbuck is falsely charged with doing, is targeted by the real killer himself, but is saved (in a timely fashion) by Apollo. Coincidentally, this is the script that results in Sloan getting a story-by credit on "Murder on the Rising Star", since this has the murder plot in it.
#50903 Showdown Frank Abatemarco Three of Galactica's techs, Masi, Bule and Andor, are disgruntled and sick of the "Chosen Few" being able to explore new planets. After Starbuck discovers sabotage on a shuttle while exploring the asteroid Croy, Masi, Bule and Andor (who've modified land probes similar to the turbines in Galactica 1980) go AWOL from Galactica. Meanwhile, Starbuck, Athena, Deitra, Apollo and Boxey discover a millennium's old battleship that could be from Earth.
#50914 The Mutiny Guy Magar After coming across the hospitable planet Zarta, the Quorum of Twelve, in its infinite wisdom and tired of the journey, has decided that the Fleet and its members shall settle the planet. Baltar and Lucifer come along and place a fire underneath the Colonials' astrums.
#50911 I Have Seen Earth Steve Krienberg and Andy Guerdat A proprietor named Jaspar is forced to abandon an asteroid with a solid gold core when the Cylons arrive, after which endearing Boxey to tales about having been to Earth, which is proven at the end when he gives Boxey a medallion with Earth's continents engraved on it.
#50916 The Furlon Donald Bellisario An earlier version of The Man with Nine Lives. This version features Bojay and Sheba in far more prominent roles, with Bojay's character a bit more fleshed out. Otherwise, the bulk of the script is in line with what is shot on screen.
#50923 Two For Twilly Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell Starbuck and Apollo's friend, Chief Twilly, the only gyro specialist on Galactica juggles two wives: Zeena and Gayla. Starbuck and Apollo help him deal with his complex marital issues.
Unknown The Return of Starbuck Glen A. Larson A script that was slated for the Original Series' second season, according to Richard Hatch and Stu Phillips. This version, while adapted for Galactica 1980, was originally written so that the character of Angela is herself a woman who merely flees from her world, is sent back to her world in a pod constructed out of Cy's and Starbuck's wrecks, and Starbuck is rescued by Boomer.[1]


  1. Despite the fact that this script was produced for Galactica 1980, this predecessor is different enough to be considered an unproduced play.


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