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This project represents an effort to improve the cast and crew articles for the Battlestar Wiki across all series. Be sure to add the {{requested}} tag to articles that you want created so the TaskBot can list it in the tasks page. Or if needed add the {{expansion}}. {{stub}} and {{mstub}} should only be used with some content information. The tasks page will always carry any article used with one of these tags.

  • {{subst:Crew Skeleton}}
    • Example: {{subst:Crew Skeleton|Ronald D.|Moore|RDM}}
  • {{subst:Cast Skeleton}}
    • Example: {{subst:Cast Skeleton|Ronald D.|Moore|RDM}}


These are the people that made the shows, but presently we don't have very much information about them. Unlike most of the content at Battlestar Wiki, cast and crew information is NOT derived strictly from canon. Instead, cast and crew information should be able to be attributed to reliable external (non-Battlestar Wiki) sources.

Please follow the Battlestar Wiki's Standards and Conventions regarding biographies when writing these articles.

Copyright Notice

Keep in mind that we cannot just copy-and-paste from Wikipedia on these topics as Wikipedia's GFDL license is not compatible with the Creative Commons license we use here. If you like the information, record it here in your own words, and cite your source. Ideally primary sources (the places where the Wikipedia information is derived) should be used over Wikipedia.


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Reimagined Series Cast

RDM Cast Wanted

RDM Cast Stubs

RDM Cast Needing Expansion

RDM Cast Needing Citation

These articles need to be cited per policy:

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Reimagined Series Crew

RDM Crew Wanted

RDM Crew Stubs

RDM Crew Needing Expansion

RDM Crew Needing Cleanup

RDM Crew Complete

Original Series Cast

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Galactica 1980 Cast

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