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Harold Sims is a journalist for the daily periodical The Caprican.

Journalist credits for The Caprican


Graystone Industries Out of the Holoband Business is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Martius 2, YR42.


We're sorry that it's all Graystone, all the time at The Caprican today...but, well, the man makes news. Daniel Graystone's much-hyped guest spot on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno was full of surprises, not the least of which was the sudden appearance of his wife, Dr. Amanda Graystone, who proceeded to more or less take over the interview. However, the biggest surprise came from Graystone himself, who made an announcement regarding his company, Graystone Industries, that has all of Caprica buzzing.

In front of the Backtalk studio audience and the millions of people tuning in, Daniel Graystone declared that Graystone Industries would "no longer profit from Holobands or V-World licensing." Graystone went further and asked other companies to get on board with this radical approach, particularly calling out rival company the Vergis Corporation.

Graystone said that all profits from Holobands (one of the most popular - and profitable - of Graystone Industries' products) will go to a charity or foundation "for young people to find the right experiences and right values."

This comes from the Graystones' discussion with Sarno that living in allegedly amoral virtual environments like the V-Clubs and New Cap City led the Graystones' daughter, Zoe, to be involved in the recent MAGLEV bombing - a devastating "real world" tragedy if there ever was one.

Will Daniel Graystone stay true to his word? It's apparently up to us, as after making the announcement he turned to the audience and said, "Hold me to it, Caprica."

If nothing else, maybe this will stop protestors from throwing their Graystone computers out the window.

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Now What?

Vergis Running Graystone Industries - Now What? is a The Caprican Politics article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 3, YR42.


In a twist of fate that would seem more at home in science fiction than in reality, Tomas Vergis has seized control of Graystone Industries. One man has overtaken another, bringing the long rivalry between Caprica's two greatest industrialists to an apparent end. For now, anyway.

Yes, Tomas Vergis now sits in the best office on the Graystone campus. But what exactly is he doing in there? Vergis has kept almost completely quiet since the press conference announcing the takeover. Since then, he's made no effort to let the public know what his plans are for the company. He hasn't even boasted about why he thinks he's the better man for the job.

In the weeks leading up to the takeover, Vergis was putting on quite a show, positioning himself as Caprica City's "White Knight." He humbly renounced his Tauron upbringing and revealed he was pursuing Caprican citizenship on Backtalk With Baxter Sarno. He announced that his own company will be applying "VergisVolt," a new self-developed energy standard, to all Vergis Corporation properties, including all offices, labs, parking garages - even Vergis' multiple private homes in Caprica City.

And yes, he'd been seen smiling away at all sorts of public events, including museums, art gallery openings, movie premieres...even a C-Bucs game or two.

But now Mr. Vergis has walled himself up within the confines of Graystone Industries. As far as anyone can tell, it's business as usual over there - cars pull into the parking lot in the morning, workers go into their respective buildings, they emerge at the end of the day and drive home.

What's going on? This guy just took over the company of his number-one rival. When's he going to let us know his Big Plan for Big Change?

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Daniel Graystone: Back From the Dead (Sort Of)

Daniel Graystone: Back From the Dead (Sort Of) is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 14, YR42.


Caprica's Boy Wonder seems to have returned to the public eye, though that probably wasn't his intention.

Hot on the heels of our own Ralston Sinclair's speculation last week as to the whereabouts of the suddenly reclusive Daniel Graystone is a public appearance by Graystone himself. But the (former) CEO of Graystone Industries was not attending a film premiere or watching the C-Bucs take on their latest opponents at the Stadium. Nothing so glamorous.

Our source reports that he saw Graystone running from his house and into a waiting car in the driveway. Running, like, really fast.

"It was the early afternoon, but he looks like he'd just woken up," says our source, who wishes to remain anonymous. "He bolted out of the house and into that car so fast, you'd think he just got word that his wife was in labor."

This behavior only fuels recent speculation that Graystone might have gotten himself involved in some rather shady dealings.

"I heard that he might be getting mixed up in some bad stuff - organized crime and such," says our source. "But I don't think Daniel would sink that low. Do you?"

Again, time will tell.

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What is the Vergis Plan?

The Vergis Agenda - Or At Least Part of It is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 15, YR42.


I apparently spoke too soon - Tomas Vergis does indeed have a plan for Graystone Industries.

Just last week I reported that Mr. Vergis had all but disappeared from the public eye since his (some would say all too easy) takeover of Graystone Industries. There he sat in the best office on the Graystone Industries campus with seemingly nothing to say for himself.

Now, the silence has been broken. Tomas Vergis greeted the press recently, looking like a million bucks and smiling with pride.

I'd probably smile, too, if there were the image of dozens of robots coming off an assembly line behind me.

Vergis has entered into an exclusive - and, apparently, very, very sweet - deal with an unspecified military organization.

"We'll be delivering one thousand robot chasses a month," Vergis said.

So, Graystone Industries - and, indeed, all of us - have entered a brave new world. A world of Robot Soldiers.

Say that out loud: Robot Soldiers. It's not science fiction. It's real.

What do you think about this? Is this a good thing? Or a very, very bad thing? Let us know. In the interim, we'll keep you posted on Tomas Vergis, Robot Master.

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"The insignia of the STO is the infinity symbol. Let us all pray that they aren't around for that long, and that they're brought to justice before they can kill again."
Harold Sims.

Who Are the Soldiers of the One is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Februarius 12, YR42.


We all know that the MAGLEV tragedy was an act of terrorism on the part of an organization that calls itself the STO. Who are these monsters, and what would drive them to commit such an unspeakable act of mass murder?

Unfortunately, very little is known about the STO at this time. As we learned from Special Agent Duram during the Mayor's first press conference regarding the bombing, the Soldiers of The One is an organization that "espouses a monotheistic religious philosophy, advocating the worship of a single, all-knowing, all-powerful God." Which means it's been confirmed that the MAGLEV bombing was an act of religious terrorism. Monotheism is nothing new; nor are the monotheistic cults that are known for using force to express their beliefs. The STO, however, has now raised the bar for religious extremism with its horrific and senseless act of destruction and death. They've been dormant for ten years - they are dormant no longer. And they've left their mark on Caprica City, one that won't wash away easily or quickly.

Who is a member of the STO? Who has it in him to kill hundreds of innocent people in the name of a One True God? If you believe the level of paranoia and suspicion going on in Caprica City right now, pretty much everyone is a potential Soldier. Hate crimes against anyone who's even vaguely monotheistic are rampant, the levels of violence escalating. The city is on fire.

Thanks to Dr. Amanda Graystone, we now know of at least one confirmed member of the STO: the late Zoe Graystone, age 15, who was apparently on the MAGLEV train and may have been the one to detonate the explosives. The Gods help that family.

The insignia of the STO is the infinity symbol. Let us all pray that they aren't around for that long, and that they're brought to justice before they can kill again.


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Assistant Defense Minister: "Caprica City May Be Caught in the Crossfire of an STO Civil War" is a The Caprican Politics article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Martius 8, YR42.


The investigation of the MAGLEV bombing and the monotheistic terrorist cult known as the STO (Soldiers of The One) became more convoluted after Assistant Defense Minister Anton Banks appeared on Good Morning Caprica City earlier this week.

Banks, known for his controversial "Tough Love" defense programs, said the Global Defense has "Several leads" in tracking down the STO operatives directly responsible for the MAGLEV tragedy and is "Pursuing those leads around the clock."

What's been most frustrating for Capricans in this investigation is there haven't been any suspects announced to the public - except for Zoe Graystone, of course. Banks didn't have names to give but revealed an unsettling theory about the structure of the STO organization.

"I don't think we should be looking at it as one entity," he said. "I believe this organization has many factions - there's a hierarchy of cells, and in such a structure there are bound to be splinter groups and rogue agents. We have to prepare for the possibility that the MAGLEV bombing may have been performed by one of these splinter cells without the consent of the higher-ranking STO operatives."

Banks' comments imply that there may be a lack of checks and balances in the STO organization, which means it's impossible to tell who's in the driver's seat. This also leaves open the possibility that the MAGLEV bombing may have been a personal vendetta of one STO cell against another.

"It's all speculation right now - as I said, we're pursuing leads," said Banks. "But it's possible that Caprica City might be caught in the crossfire of an STO civil war."

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Who Is Barnabas? The Ghost of the STO is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Martius 27, YR42.


All's been quiet on the STO front. Maybe a little too quiet. And I have a sinking feeling that the silence won't last for too much longer. A name has been whispered around lately: Barnabas. In fact, that name's been mentioned enough to be a cause for some concern. This guy is all rumors and speculation, and some say he's just a figurehead created by scattered STO cells to get Caprica buzzing with worry again.

But whether this Barnabas is flesh and blood or simply a ghost is kind of moot: his name is becoming synonymous with what any terrorist group uses as its main weapon - fear.

I've written here before about the possibility that there may be STO splinter cells acting without the consent of higher STO authorities. If anything, Barnabas seems to be one of those rogues. The rumors about the MAGLEV bombing being an "unauthorized" act have increased and expanded, and now Barnabas' name has been attached to the incident.

If the STO as an organization didn't want the train destroyed, but rather it was the act of just this one guy (and his cronies, whoever they are), then there's no telling what else he's capable of - especially if he's not answering to anyone except what he believes is the will of the so-called One True God.

We don't have a physical description of this man, nor do we have any idea of his whereabouts. For now, he's just a name, and one to be reckoned with: Barnabas. Stay tuned.

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Where Will the STO Strike Next? is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 1, YR42.


For many Capricans, the STO is still considered to be a formidable threat, even though the radical organization has kept relatively quiet in the past few months.

We now know the "why" behind the STO and their religious beliefs. So the question now is, "Where?" Where will they strike next?

In a poll conducted by 'Caprican Life' magazine, Capricans were asked their opinion on what location the STO may be targeting for their next act of terrorism. Below are the results of the poll.

NOTE: This poll was not conducted by any crime investigation or government organization and should be taken strictly as a matter of speculation. There is no evidence to suggest that any of the following locations have actually been targeted by the STO or any other terrorist organization.

47% - Another MAGLEV station 21% - Pantheon Bridge 14% - Graystone Industries campus 12% - Apollo Park 3% - Caprica Museum of Art 3% - Off-Colony

Here are the results of the Off-Colony responses:

53% - Tauron 27% - Picon 12% - Libran 7% - Canceron 1% - Aquarion

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Terrorist target?

Clarice Willow: STO Target? is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 14, YR42.


The recent car explosion near the Pantheon Bridge has rumors flying - and new conspiracy theories brewing.

We know that the owner of the car was Sister Clarice Willow, a teacher at Athena Academy. Ms. Willow had exited the car before the explosion, and after a quick checkup at a nearby hospital, she was released seemingly in perfect health and without question.

Some say it was an accident - the car's fuel injection system ignited, or some other sort of mechanical mishap. And there was no evidence of any detonation device amongst the charred wreckage of the vehicle.

But the fact that Clarice Willow had exited the car mere seconds before the explosion has many people wondering just what's going on. Not to mention the fact that Sister Willow is such a high-profile member of Caprican society and well-known for her religious tolerance.

So, if this was an assassination attempt, who would want Clarice Willow dead? Could the STO be involved in attempting to make an example out of such a prominent polytheist?

"We have no evidence of the involvement of any terrorist organizations," says Special Agent Jordan Duram of the Global Defense Department.

Our own Ralston Sinclair isn't buying it.

"Of course it was STO," says Sinclair. "It reeks of them. Blowing stuff up, without a care for who gets caught in the crossfire. Willow was Zoe Graystone's teacher - that's no coincidence, I promise you."

"For now, it's just an accident," says Duram, not making any mention of the Global Defense Department's recent raid at Athena Academy.

Yes, for now.

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The Passion of the Three Moons is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Martius 8, YR42.


While The Caprican's Tara Mull was out living the rugged life, breathing in the clean mountain air and catching fish with her Picon frak buddy, I was stuck here on plain old Caprica with the rest of you. However, for those of you who can't afford a getaway, or don't have any interest in living your life like a bohemian jackass, there's still plenty of things to do right here at home, right?


So, for those of you looking for an adventure that doesn't involve going off-world and possibly catching something from some smelly fisherman, might I suggest the Three Moons Lounge?

You've no doubt heard of the place, and yes, it's right in the heart of downtown Caprica City, not hidden in the shadowy outskirts like its reputation might imply. It's a place for mature adults who are looking for a little fun. Something to spice up a marriage, or take a relationship to a more adventurous level. There's no need to feel embarrassed, ashamed or self-conscious. They take care of you there, and the sky's the limit.

I can't really go into more detail than that, but you hopefully get the idea. And are getting some ideas of your own. At the very least, you'll make some new friends - and maybe some new friends with benefits.

The best part? It's all real. This isn't some V-Club where obnoxious children indulge their pathetic ids. The Three Moons is for grown-ups - real flesh and blood, with emphasis on the flesh.

Feeling a bit nervous when you first get there? Go to the bar. Order yourself a Scorpion Ambrosia. Yes, they serve it there. I know it's an acquired taste and most Capricans hate it, but this is all about a new adventure, right? A new experience. Give it a shot and let it take you where it will.

And the best part is you won't smell like Picon fish in the morning.

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the C-Bucs' Kevin Kovat is a The Caprican Sports article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Martius 15, YR42.


All of you who say Kevin Kovat is no good this season can stick it where the sun don't shine. Kovat is the best damn Serger the C-Bucs have ever had. We got drunk the other day and put it all on the line. Read.

The Caprican: "Kovat's no good this season." You sick of hearing that?

Kevin Kovat: Yes, sir, I am.

The Caprican: At least you're not one of the Bucs requesting a transfer. What's up with that?

Kovat: Yeah, it's strange times behind the curtain, strange times behind closed doors...

The Caprican: Kovat, you're a great Serger. Don't let anyone tell you different. What's it like being the main attacking player on the team? You feel more pressure to perform, to please the audience?

Kovat: That's a good way of putting it - the Serger is kind of the "audience-pleaser" of the team. Always moving, going in on the attacks. I think the focus of the crowd eventually always winds up on the Serger. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I think it's just the nature of the game.

The Caprican: You're kind of like the poster boy for the team.

Kovat: [laughs] I don't think I'd look good on a poster, but sure.

The Caprican: Sure you would. Kovat, what the hell is up with the C-Bucs this season? What needs to be fixed? Is it the players? The coaching? The bureaucrats who run the game?

Kovat: It is a weird vibe this season. We haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what we need to concentrate on. We've been strengthening every aspect of our game, hoping that if we do a sweep on all counts we'll fill the gap by default. I think it's got to do with synchronicity - we're all a little off out there, we're not watching each other, listening to each other as well as we should, we're not working as a team as well as we should. We need to tighten the screws a bit. We'll get there.

The Caprican: That's the spirit. Kovat, what do you think about your Voxrector spending nights in hotels with Tammy Lawns?

Kovat: [laughs] Jimmy's a lucky guy, what can I say?

The Caprican: What movie star are you spending your nights with?

Kovat: No movie stars for me. I'm just trying to concentrate on the task at hand this season, concentrate on the game.

The Caprican: That's great. But you got to get out there and enjoy the body of a beautiful woman from time to time, too, you know.

Kovat': [laughs] Sure, sure.

The Caprican: Thanks for the drink, Kovat. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Kovat: My pleasure.

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Pantheon Bridge Getting New Safety Measures is a The Caprican News article written by Caleb Barlow. It was printed in Martius 21, YR42.


Don't be alarmed if you start seeing construction workers on the Pantheon Bridge sooner rather than later. The Bridge isn't getting its foundation fortified. The Bridge isn't going to collapse. It's just that soon your leisurely Sunday strolls across the Bridge will be all the safer.

The Caprica City Bridge and Tunnel Authority is making one of our most majestic landmarks even more safe and sound as it's been commissioned to install a new set of safety railings along the walkways on either side of the Bridge, which will decrease the risk of any pedestrian accidents.

"It's a relatively simple procedure," says Bridge and Tunnel Commissioner Timothy Caldwell. "We don't expect it to interfere with traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian. Our hope is that you don't even notice we're there, and we hope to be in and out of there in a week's time."

There's been some speculation that the project was rushed into approval due to an increase in "jumpers" and attempted suicides on the bridge.

"Nonsense," replies Mr. Caldwell. "This has been something in the works for some time now. We're finally getting to it; it's long overdue. Caprica City needs proactive safety measures now more than ever, and we're here to provide that."

The official start date on the project hasn't been announced, but should commence within a month's time.

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Stop the Sagittaron Stereotypes is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in Aprilis 24, YR42.


I was watching Young People Going Out with Each Other the other night and, in a remarkable twist on the show's usual theme, there was a character that turned down a woman's invitation to go back to her apartment after meeting at a dance club. "What are you, a Sagittaron?" she asks, mocking his decision to remain sexually abstinent.

I was watching Sketch Comedy Friday the other night and there was a skit where a hospital was taken over by a Sagittaron doctor, who banned all modern medicine and demanded patients only be administered herbal remedies and faith healing. Everyone in the hospital started dying from their sicknesses and injuries, and when the staff pleaded with the doctor to allow them to reinstate their usual health procedures, he refused, saying, "It is the Sagittaron Way."

I caught an old horror movie called Terror in Tawa in which a young Sagittaron girl becomes pregnant out of wedlock and gets an abortion. Everyone on her block finds out and they proceed to subject her to horrific physical and emotional tortures before burning her to death in front of a temple in the center of town as "a warning to others."

I have many more examples, but do I really need to go on?

Yes, stereotypes usually exist because they are based on some kind of truth. But they also exist because it is easier to simplify something you don't understand rather than try to truly be educated about it. Stereotypes are based on ignorance, and fear, and laziness. The Caprican entertainment industry chooses to see Sagittarons as pedantic religious zealots hopelessly behind the times, and from that point of view they are able to conjure endless sources of humiliation disguised as comic relief.

What they base their material on is certainly founded in some sort of reality. But it is far, far from the complete picture.

In short, I'm sick of the Sagittaron stereotypes in movies and on TV. By humiliating us for the sake of a laugh, the entertainment industry is only spreading its offensive ignorance and fear to its audience.

For shame!

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