Pantheon Bridge

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The Pantheon Bridge at night, YR42.

The Pantheon Bridge was a steel truss bridge crossing the Caprican Bay in Caprica City, Caprica. Constructed 98 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the bridge took three years to complete, cost 16.5 million cubits and stood 100 meters above sea level. It was constructed from steel girders salvaged from an earlier bridge and was once the widest bridge on Caprica by one centimeter. One million cars crossed the Pantheon Bridge in its first month of operation.

58 years before the Fall, Amanda Graystone, still grieving the loss of her daughter, Zoe Graystone, leaped from the Pantheon Bridge into the Caprican Bay in an apparent suicide attempt. Though many jumpers had perished over the years, Graystone survived with only a broken leg and superficial injuries. Following Graystone's attempted suicide, safety retrofitting commenced on the bridge to prevent other such occurrences, though the project caused significant traffic delays (CAP: "End of Line" and "Unvanquished").

The Pantheon Bridge was in reality the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.