Whither the C-Bucs?

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Whither the C-Bucs? is a The Caprican Sports article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Martius 23, YR42.


No interview today. No musings on the athleticism of the other colonies. No, today we're going to keep it at home, and get down and dirty. Cold hard facts. What's going down with the C-Bucs?

C-Bucs recently lost to the Olympia Stallions, 17-35. Their chance for a wild card in the playoffs is looking doubtful. Doubtful, but not impossible. Voxrector Jimmy Cox and Serger Kevin Kovat might have a few tricks that have yet to pull. Yes, I've said that about the C-Bucs in yesteryear when they're not doing so well - that they might have a "few tricks." And remember that sometimes they do.

On the other hand, Graystone Industries stock is plummeting as sales of Holobands go to charity. Daniel Graystone in personal, professional and economic crisis. Will he be forced to sell the Bucs? Let's hope not. But stay tuned. These are strange times.

What else has happened? Some highlights:

C-Bucs beat the Picon Panthers, 72-57, which ended in a second six-minute overtime in which Kovat faced off mono-on-mono against the Panthers' Johnny Mayburn. And Kovat kicked his ass. Literally, if you remember. That was funny. We needed a laugh, as it was raining like there was no tomorrow.

C-Bucs beat the Sagittaron Archers, 88-3. How the Archers managed to get three points without collapsing is beyond me. I'm not going to be yet another guy to say this, but...OK, I will. Archers = Worst. Team. Ever.

C-Bucs were defeated by the Leonis Wildcats, 98-96, in a six-minute overtime that lasted approximately two seconds. The gods are, indeed, dead.

C-Bucs were defeated by the Boskirk All Reds because Jackie Donovan is the worst Regis in the history of the game. He's brainwashed his Sentios into consenting to his every psychotic whim and has never once in his miserable life made a decent call on or off the court. Possibly the most infuriating game in the history of the sport. And Jackie can slap me with however many lawsuits he can dig up - he deserved that little love tap from yours truly. Glass Jaw Jackie Donovan.

Anyway, it's been an interesting season, if not a great one. And it's not over yet. There are surprises in store, Capricans. Maybe even a few tricks. Stay tuned! Go Bucs!

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