Daniel Graystone: Back From the Dead (Sort Of)

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Daniel Graystone: Back From the Dead (Sort Of) is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 14, YR42.


Caprica's Boy Wonder seems to have returned to the public eye, though that probably wasn't his intention.

Hot on the heels of our own Ralston Sinclair's speculation last week as to the whereabouts of the suddenly reclusive Daniel Graystone is a public appearance by Graystone himself. But the (former) CEO of Graystone Industries was not attending a film premiere or watching the C-Bucs take on their latest opponents at the Stadium. Nothing so glamorous.

Our source reports that he saw Graystone running from his house and into a waiting car in the driveway. Running, like, really fast.

"It was the early afternoon, but he looks like he'd just woken up," says our source, who wishes to remain anonymous. "He bolted out of the house and into that car so fast, you'd think he just got word that his wife was in labor."

This behavior only fuels recent speculation that Graystone might have gotten himself involved in some rather shady dealings.

"I heard that he might be getting mixed up in some bad stuff - organized crime and such," says our source. "But I don't think Daniel would sink that low. Do you?"

Again, time will tell.

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