Mad Mothers Take Action Against Terrorism

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Mad Mothers Take Action Against Terrorism is a The Caprican Politics article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Februarius 16, YR42.


Mothers seeking justice for the victims of the MAGLEV bombing have united to form Mothers Against Terrorist Tactics (MATT). Since Amanda Graystone's admission that her daughter Zoe had a part in the horrific attack, the group has been protesting outside of Caprica General Hospital and a MATT spokesperson asserts that they will not retreat until Amanda is indefinitely suspended.

"Innocent men, women and children lost their lives and we're not going to sit back and let Terror Mom continue to operate on people," says Genevieve Spann, MATT Caprica Chapter, Director of Operations. "Just think - if her sixteen year old daughter was the mastermind behind the MAGLEV bombings, who knows what she [Amanda] is capable of!" Since the public's discovery of Zoe's involvement in the assail, the Graystones have received violent threats at their home and Daniel Graystone's car was tailed yesterday morning by a mysterious vehicle with no license plates. None of these occurrences have been traced back to any members of MATT. Spann maintains that MATT is a non-violent group that does not condone rogue behavior.

Next week, two representatives of the organization will appear on Backtalk to discuss the need for violence prevention methods in the Caprica school system. MATT members will also be holding fundraisers to raise money for children left orphaned by the attack. And despite their visible disapproval for the Graystones, the group hopes to receive a generous donation from the family.

"It's the least they can do. They have billions of cubits and they won't miss a few. Especially since their daughter is the reason why so many other children will have to live without the love and protection of their parents," said Spann.

Neither Daniel nor Amanda Graystone could be reached for comment.

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