Clarice Willow: STO Target?

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Terrorist target?

Clarice Willow: STO Target? is a The Caprican News article written by Harold Sims. It was printed in November 14, YR42.


The recent car explosion near the Pantheon Bridge has rumors flying - and new conspiracy theories brewing.

We know that the owner of the car was Sister Clarice Willow, a teacher at Athena Academy. Ms. Willow had exited the car before the explosion, and after a quick checkup at a nearby hospital, she was released seemingly in perfect health and without question.

Some say it was an accident - the car's fuel injection system ignited, or some other sort of mechanical mishap. And there was no evidence of any detonation device amongst the charred wreckage of the vehicle.

But the fact that Clarice Willow had exited the car mere seconds before the explosion has many people wondering just what's going on. Not to mention the fact that Sister Willow is such a high-profile member of Caprican society and well-known for her religious tolerance.

So, if this was an assassination attempt, who would want Clarice Willow dead? Could the STO be involved in attempting to make an example out of such a prominent polytheist?

"We have no evidence of the involvement of any terrorist organizations," says Special Agent Jordan Duram of the Global Defense Department.

Our own Ralston Sinclair isn't buying it.

"Of course it was STO," says Sinclair. "It reeks of them. Blowing stuff up, without a care for who gets caught in the crossfire. Willow was Zoe Graystone's teacher - that's no coincidence, I promise you."

"For now, it's just an accident," says Duram, not making any mention of the Global Defense Department's recent raid at Athena Academy.

Yes, for now.

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