Just Wondering About That Military Roadblock Thing

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Why the roadblock?

Just Wondering About That Military Roadblock Thing is a The Caprican Opinion article written by Ralston Sinclair. It was printed in November 16, YR42.


Why was there a military roadblock in the first place when a Graystone Industries truck collided with it?

Am I the only person who wants to know the answer to that question? Or even thought to ask it?

Yeah, a Graystone Industries truck blew up to hell and gone recently when it collided with a military roadblock. I'm sure it was a hell of a thing, straight out of a TV show - a runaway truck goes full speed into glorious destruction, exploding into a thousand frakkin' fireballs when it collided with a bunch of tanks.

But why was there a MILITARY roadblock? What the hell was in that truck that made a bunch of frakkin' soldiers scurry about in the middle of the night with tanks and bazookas and stop it from ever reaching wherever the hell it was going?

We're never going to know. You know why? Because it's classified. And because Daniel Graystone - beautiful, brilliant, morally BANKRUPT Daniel Graystone - is now too drunk or too depressed or too whatever to talk about it.

Vergis sure as hell doesn't give a damn - that was before his regime, and he's now too busy making toy soldiers.

I don't know about you folks, but a Graystone Industries truck colliding with a bunch of damn tanks...I got a feeling in my gut that this little PR embarrassment is just the beginning of something much, much bigger.

And something much, much more horrible.

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