Vergis and Graystone: The Plot Thickens

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Vergis and Graystone: The Plot Thickens is a The Caprican Politics article written by Matthew Riley. It was printed in Martius 21, YR42.


Tomas Vergis. Daniel Graystone. Something is definitely going on.

Yes, theirs is a "classic rivalry," as Baxter Sarno recently called it on Backtalk. The fact that these two are "friendly competitors," as Vergis himself called them, isn't exactly news. Each has been trying to stay one step ahead of the other for many years. It is, indeed, a conflict of almost supernatural proportions, like the Caprican Buccaneers versus the Tauron Bulls. But there's more to it now.

Something is definitely amiss. The signs began with Backtalk, actually. First Daniel Graystone appeared on the show and announced that Graystone Industries wouldn't be taking part in any Holoband licensing any more. Then Tomas Vergis (a proud and true Tauron up until this point) appeared on the show and announced that he would be getting his Caprican citizenship.

Big news from both, but not exactly groundbreaking - what's most notable is that the two most powerful CEOs on Caprica both appeared on Backtalk so close to each other. Was this a coincidence, or is there some brilliant double-agent PR going on here?

Secondly, Vergis said on Backtalk that he and Graystone were at a museum together the night before. Since when do these two get together to appreciate Fine Art? Since when are they seen in public together at all? There's more - several eyewitnesses report that Vergis showed up at a C-Bucs game recently and even crashed Graystone's executive suite at the stadium before Daniel had him escorted out.

There's talk that Graystone may soon find himself in a financial and political position that will force him to sell the C-Bucs. Is Vergis now the number-one contender to buy the team? Now that would be a slap in the face - owning the C-Bucs has been Graystone's fantasy since childhood.

Whatever's going on, there's nothing "friendly" about this competition any more.


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