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Featured Article Archive[edit]

This is the archive that is for the dates of May 2006 - December 2006.

Gaius Baltar - May 2006[edit]

James Callis as Dr. Gaius Baltar

Dr. Gaius Baltar was formerly a lead defense systems developer working for the Colonial Ministry of Defense and was widely considered a genius and celebrity throughout the Twelve Colonies. Baltar came to prominence as a computer technology designer having won three Magnate Prizes. Baltar was born on Sagittaron and attracted to Caprica by the Defense Ministry. He networks with others well, and became personal friends with President Adar. Baltar becomes responsible for the design of the critical Command Navigation Program (CNP) used throughout the Colonial Fleet. Baltar's scientific prowess seems strongest in the medical and biological fields. As a result of his lesser (although still advanced) computer programming skills, he seeks the help (and as a byproduct, the affections of) a young woman to aid him with the CNP. ...continued...

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Galactica (RDM) - June 2006[edit]

Galactica (RDM) is the main ship in the new series.

Galactica (BS 75) is the most famous warship in the Colonial Fleet. Built in time to participate in the Cylon War, she remained the only military vessel without integrated computer networks. Without networked computers, Galactica never upgraded to the new integrated defense system software developed by Dr. Gaius Baltar and his team. Because of this and other fortune, she became one of only two battlestars to survive the renewed Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies, some 40 years after the end of the first war. At the time of the attack, she was part of the 75th Battlestar Group. ...continued...

History of the Twelve Colonies - July 2006[edit]

Book of Pythia

Where did the colonists come from? How did they get to the point that they are at in the re-imagined series? History of the Twelve Colonies examines evidence that appears to indicate that the humans of Kobol may have actually originated from the planet Earth. Although, for the most part, correspondences between the culture of the Twelve Colonies and Earth (three piece suits, Humvees, military jargon, firearms, etc.) are presumably dramatic conceits intended to help the audience identify with the characters of the show, there is evidence of a connection beyond these superficial similarities that is difficult to ignore. In the DVD commentary for the Miniseries, Ron Moore and David Eick expressed that it is meant to be a deliberately unanswered question whether the series takes place in the past, present, or future relative to Earth. ...continued...

Colonial One - August 2006[edit]

Colonial Heavy 798 as Colonial One

Colonial One's journey began when the Colonial Government chartered an Intersun starliner, designated Colonial Heavy 798, for ferrying Secretary of Education Laura Roslin, and her staff and members of the Colonial press to and from the decommissioning ceremonies for the battlestar Galactica. Approximately 3 hours from Caprica, the Cylon attack commences. Colonial Heavy 798 and Colonial press members hear of news that Caprica has been nuked along with three other Colonies. With no other Colonial government officials apparently left alive, Laura Roslin is quickly sworn-in as the new President of the Colonies, and Colonial Heavy 798 is re-named Colonial One, in recognition of its status in transporting the President. ...continued...

Computers - September 2006[edit]

Sesha Abinell's laptop.

Technologies such as computers have been mostly bane and less of a blessing to the Colonials of the Twelve Colonies, despite the obvious conveniences that technology brings. It was computer technology that led to the creation of the Cylons for household to warfare use. These intelligent machines rebelled. To counter their creation's ability to hack into computers, the Colonial defenses, particularly the first battlestars, used computers but did not network them to all but eliminate Cylon infiltration. ...continued...

William Adama - October 2006[edit]

William Adama

Admiral William Adama, a veteran of the Cylon War, is the commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica, and the highest ranking officer left in the Colonial Fleet. Adama has two sons, Lee and Zak, however, Zak was killed during his training leaving only Lee.

Adama has the rare combination of qualities that make up a good leader: insight, the ability to naturally command respect, a common touch that enables him to relate to the enlisted personnel under his command as well as his officers, intuition, intelligence, a strong belief in his own abilities, and the ability to take the advice of others. These qualities are reflected in the fact that personnel of all ranks aboard Galactica hold him in high regard, and know that he is approachable. ...continued...

Adama (TOS) - November 2006[edit]

The Original Adama

Adama is the commander of the last battlestar, Galactica, and supreme commander of the rag-tag fugitive fleet consisting of the evacuees of the Twelve Colonies. He is also the spiritual leader of the surviving Colonists, leading the quest for Earth.

Adama's children, Lieutenant Athena, and eldest son Captain Apollo, survived the attack on the Colonies. However, his wife, Ila, and his youngest child, Zac, are killed during the events of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies.

Adama, a Caprican native, graduated from the colony's military academy. Early in his career, Adama was involved in a parapsychological research project at the Colonial Military Institute (War of the Gods, Part II). He flew with his executive officer Colonel Tigh in their younger days, and later served as an aide to Commander Kronus aboard battlestar Rycon. As well as being a career military officer, Commander Adama is also a member of the Quorum of Twelve, the governing body of the Colonies. ...continued...

Religion in the Twelve Colonies - December 2006[edit]

A colonial priest.

The religion of the Twelve Colonies, which the various characters of Battlestar Galactica practice to greater or lesser extent, is a polytheistic faith shared with real-life Greek mythology, with a strong emphasis on the philosophy of eternal return. The similarity in beliefs of the Colonials and ancient real-world Earth Greco/Roman mythology is probably not coincidental, although it is not yet clear which gave rise to the other.

Colonial religion is centered on the Lords of Kobol, analogous to the Greek Gods. Various items have been identified which are apparently named after other gods and legendary figures, although these have not been explicitly identified as Lords of Kobol. Various events throughout the series have led some characters to believe that they are playing out another turn of a repeating cycle of time.

The Colonials display a wide spectrum of religious practice, ranging from Billy Keikeya's atheism to Corporal Venner's literalistic readings of the Sacred Scrolls. The religious and government bodies of the Twelve Colonies work together. This association is likely based on the religious homogeneity of the Colonies. A connection between the Cylon God and the Lords of Kobol may exist. ...continued...