Viper Mark II (Eaglemoss)

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Viper Mark II
"Viper Mark II"
An item of merchandise of the Re-imagined Series
Product Info
Manufacturer Eaglemoss
Model Viper Mark II
Price $59.95 USD
UPC 641945984286
Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection
Issue 1
Release Date 23 March 2018

Display stand and collectors magazine.

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The Viper Mark II is issue #1 from Eaglemoss' Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection, a series of collectible models from the Battlestar Galactica multiverse.

The Viper Mark II model had three varients known as the Starbuck, Husker and Apollo vartients. The limited edition of 250 "Husker" variants distributed randomly. These were packed with sequentially numberd certificates of authenticity measuring 210 x 148mm. Issue 1 was first received by customers on 23rd March 2018 in the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland and 7th April 2018 in the United States of America.

On May 25th, the "Apollo" Viper Mark II convention variant was announced at New York Comic Con with a limitation of 500 units. These were also packed with sequentially numbered certificates of authenticity, in the standard Issue 1 box but with a gold sticker added to the exterior. In the United Kingdom, The limited Apollo varient was made availble at the event "Destinaiton star trek" on October 2018.

On November 2023 Master Replicas listed a number of "Apollo" and "Husker" Viper Mk II variants for sale. The product details added on their website stated "Please note that these ships were found without certificates, and do not include them, limited to 1 per person". This suggests that there were significantly more of each variant produced than the 500 and 250 indicated by the respective certificates.

On 17th January 2024, Master Replicas announced via the platform "X" that the "Hotdog" variant will be upcoming for sale. 750 was produced, however due to issues surrounding the collapse of Eaglemoss a portion of the models was identified as damaged.


From Eaglemoss' product page:

This Viper Mark II appeared in almost every episode of the famous television series Battlestar Galactica (2004). Launched from massive Battlestar ships, the Viper Mark II was instrumental in the First Cylon War. Although they were eventually replaced with newer models, a squadron of the space superiority fighters remained on board the Battlestar Galactica and was re-activated to defend Galactica during its four-year journey to Earth.
This Viper Mark II ship measures approximately 10.6 inches long and is brought to life in die-cast metal and high-quality ABS materials. It features the Starbuck callsign, tail number and authentic wear and tears effect. Thanks to the members of the modern Galactica VFX team, this scale model was faithfully produced to ensure that it followed the ship's details as accurate as possible.
The ship comes complete with a 16-page[1] collector’s magazine providing an in-depth profile of the ship, exclusive behind the scenes articles, original design sketches, and an interview with the series developer, Ronald D. Moore.

Collector's Magazine

The collector's magazine for this item features:

  • Page 1: Front Cover
  • Page 2: Stand Assembly Instructions
  • Page 3: Design Spec
  • Page 4: Ship Profile
  • Pages 8 - 9: Orthographic Views and Callouts
  • Pages 10 - 13: Behind the Scenes - "Making Their Mark" with Eric Chu
  • Page 14: Interview: Ronald D. Moore - "Past Masters"
  • Page 15: Advertisement for Issue 2 - Modern Cylon Raider


Product on a turntable by Eaglemoss.


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  1. This page count includes the front and back magazine cover.
  2. Note: Contrary to the image, each model's display stand is not individually numbered.