Muffit the Daggit (Eaglemoss)

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Muffit the Daggit
"Muffit the Daggit"
An item of merchandise of the Re-imagined Series
Product Info
Manufacturer Eaglemoss
Model Muffit
Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection
Issue Special #4
Release Date 21 July

Collectors magazine.

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The Muffit the Daggit is the fourth special release (Special Issue #4) from Eaglemoss' Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection, a series of collectible models from the Battlestar Galactica multiverse.

It is the fourth figurine release depicting a character instead of a ship.


An iconic character from the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica series, this 4.21" tall statuette brings Muffit the Daggit to life in hand-painted resin!

Dog-like animals domesticated by the humans of the Twelve Colonies, the daggits were rendered extinct in the initial Cylon attack. Boxey's own beloved pet daggit, named Muffit, was killed by falling debris in Caprica – so Captain Apollo asked Dr. Wilker to create a robotic replacement, a loyal and artificially-furred friend.

Muffit II was programmed to learn from Boxey, and followed him just as faithfully as the real thing, becoming a fan-favorite through many adventures in the original series. Behind the scenes, Muffit II was no robot. It was actually played by a costumed actor – a chimpanzee by the name of Evolution!

Collector's Magazine[edit]

  • Page 1: Front Cover
  • Page 3: Overview
  • Page 4: Design Spec
  • Pages 5: Character Profile
  • Pages 6-7: In-universe Breakdown


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