Colonial One (Eaglemoss)

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Colonial One
"Colonial One"
An item of merchandise of the Re-imagined Series
Product Info
Manufacturer Eaglemoss
Model Colonial One
Price $59.95 USD
Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection
Issue 13
Release Date 28 November 2019

Display stand and collectors magazine.

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The Colonial One is issue #13 from Eaglemoss' Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection, a series of collectible models from the Battlestar Galactica multiverse.


From Eaglemoss' product page:

Colonial One also known as Colonial Heavy 798 - a former commercial transport vessel, served as a seat of government after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies.
This Colonial One measures approximately 10 inches long and is brought to life in heavyweight die-cast metal and high-quality ABS materials. The starliner's functional design features a hump-like bow dorsal module and has a visually distinctive cockpit and forward sensor array that sits above the main body of the starship.
The ship comes complete with a 16-page[1] collector’s magazine providing an in-depth profile of the ship, exclusive behind the scenes articles, original design sketches, and an interview with the series developer, Ronald D. Moore.

Collector's Magazine

The collector's magazine for this item features:

  • Page 1: Front Cover
  • Page 2: Stand Assembly Instructions
  • Page 3: Design Spec
  • Page 4: Ship Profile
  • Pages 8 - 9: Orthographic Views and Callouts
  • Pages 10 - 13: Behind the Scenes - "Familiar Fleet" with Gary Hutzel
  • Page 14: Interview: Ronald D. Moore - "Flights of Fancy?"
  • Page 15: Advertisement for Issue 14 - Blackbird


Product on a turntable by Eaglemoss.



  • Although portrayed in the issued collectors' magazine, the Colonial One model does not have a painted cockpit. This is true for all released models of the Colonial One.
  • There is a slight discrepancy of the golden trim lines on the side of the model, which is not representative of the ship seen throughout the series.

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  1. This page count includes the front and back magazine cover.