Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection

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Battlestar Galactica: The Official Ships Collection is a collectible model line from Eaglemoss, existing from 2018 C.E. to 2022 C.E. as of this writing.

Selected ships and figurine offerings from both the Original Series (a.k.a. "Classic") and the Re-imagined Series (a.k.a. "Modern") are released as "issues" on an intermittent basis — sometimes as long as three or four months between releases — complete with a small magazine detailing behind-the-scenes information, interviews, and other factoids relating to each "issue" release.

Eaglemoss' offerings are static statuary are constructed of plastic, metals, and resins, with a weighted display stand upon which an acrylic holder suspends the ship for display.

Included full-color magazine fits within the four-color product box, and each staple-bound magazine is approximately 7-11/16 inches long by 5-7/8 inches wide (19.53 centimeters long by 14.92 centimeters).

Subscribers to the Eaglemoss Battlestar Galactica: The offical ships collection received an email on the 11 December 2022 announcing the Astral Queen would be the final issue of the collection.


Issue No. Image Title Series Release Date
1 Viper Mark II (Primary Variant / "Starbuck") TRS 23 March 2018
1 Viper Mark II (Secondary Variant / "Husker") TRS 23 March 2018
1 Viper Mark II (Convention Variant / "Apollo") TRS 23 March 2018
2 Modern Cylon Raider TRS 3 July 2018
3 Modern Galactica TRS 30 July 2018
4 Viper Mark I[1] TOS 6 October 2018
5 Baseship TOS 6 December 2018
6 Viper Mark VII TRS February 2019
7 Classic Galactica TOS 14 March 2019
8 Battlestar Pegasus TRS 20 March 2019
9 Classic Cylon Raider TOS 14 June 2019
10 Modern Raptor[2] TOS 14 March 2019
11 Cylon Raider (Blood and Chrome) TRS 30 August 2019
12 Modern Basestar TRS 23 October 2019
13 Colonial One TRS 28 November 2019
14 Blackbird TRS 14 January 2020
15 Viper (Blood and Chrome) TRS 12 March 2020
16 Scar Raider TRS 4 March 2020
17 Valkyrie TRS 12 June 2020
18 Landram TOS 9 July 2020
19 Cylon Heavy Raider TRS 28 August 2020
20 Heavy Raptor TRS 8 October 2020
21 Loki (Blood and Chrome) TRS 24 June 2021
22 Osiris (Blood and Chrome) TRS 06 October 2021
23 Battlestar Galactica (Blood and Chrome) TRS 13 January 2022
24 Colonial Shuttle TOS 29 January 2022
25 Astral Queen TRS 10 April 2022
Special No. 1 Cylon Centurion TRS 4 March 2020
Speical No. 2 Classic Cylon Centurion TOS 4 March 2021
Special No. 3 Gold Classic Cylon Centurion TOS 29 September 2021
Special No. 4 Muffit II The Daggit TOS 21 July 2022
Other No. 1 Battlestar Galactica: Shipyards TOS/ TRS 4 August 2020
Other No. 2 Battlestar Galactica Colonial Plaque TRS 16 December 2020
Other No. 3 Battlestar Galactica: Designing Spaceships TOS/ TRS 21 November 2021

Launch History

Eaglemoss' online advertisement for enticing collectors to join their collectible subscription service.

Following their success on collectible ships from the Star Trek line, entitled Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, Eaglemoss branched out into other titles, including Doctor Who, Aliens, and Battlestar Galactica.

First launching the Battlestar Galactica line in 2018 via their subscription service, Eaglemoss tested the waters with the release of mainstay craft from the Re-imagined Series: Viper Mark II, Modern Cylon Raider, and Modern Galactica. To entice new subscribers to their subscription service, Eaglemoss offered the Modern Galactica at a price of $19.95 USD (including free shipping), with subsequent issues charged at $59.95 USD (including free shipping).

To commemorate the release of the Battlestar Galactica line, random recipients of the Viper Mark II received a William "Husker" Adama variant of the craft that featured Adama's tail number and nameplate as featured in the Miniseries. Recipients of the "Husker" variant, which had been shipped blind — so the individual would have to open the box, as the four-color packaging element did not ruin the surprise — also received a Certificate of Authenticity noting their unique number from the 250 numbered units.

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  1. The "Mark I" Viper exists in the Re-imagined Series, but is never referred as such in the Original Series.
  2. Note: There isn't a "classic" Raptor for the Original Series, short of the Colonial shuttle.