Triton (TRS)

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Triton (BS 39)
[[Image:|275px|Triton (BS 39)]]
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Presumed
CO: James Jonasson (last known)[1]
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Role: Carrier / battleship
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Armaments: Unknown
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Aircraft: * Viper Compliment
* Raptor compliment
Aviation facilities: * Flight deck
* Viper launch tubes
Fate: Destroyed, Zero Hour, 0 BCH (2000BYR)
Emblem: Ship's patch
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Additional Information

Triton is a battlestar in service with the Colonial Fleet prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, where Kara Thrace had been previously posted under the command of James Jonasson before her reassignment to Galactica (TRS: "The Son Also Rises").

Triton was named by William Adama alongside other battlestars, Columbia, Solaria, and Atlantia, when the Cylons attacked the Colonies (TRS: "Miniseries"). At the time of its destruction it was part of the 39th battlestar group (TRS: "33", "Water").

Lt. Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo survives the ship's destruction and is found by President Laura Roslin's fleet, where he is reassigned to Galactica as Karl "Helo" Agathon's ECO replacement for Raptor 312 (TRS: "33", "Water").

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  • The ship is likely named after a figure in Colonial faith or mythology, given the parallels of the Colonial faith and the pantheon of Greek gods. In Greek mythology, Triton is not one of the Twelve Olympians himself (and as such might not be considered a Lord of Kobol by the Colonials), but the son of Poseidon and messenger of the sea.
  • Quartararo's ship patch is incorrectly embroidered "BST 39," as it was erroneously assumed that that "BSG" stands for "Battlestar Galactica" and thus the last letter was changed for the Triton patch. However, both the water tank diagram in "Water" and the patches for Pegasus, Valkyrie, and Osiris establish that "BSG" stands for battlestar group.