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Osiris (0913)
Osiris (0913)
Race: Colonial
Type: Military
FTL: Yes
Propulsion: 2x fuselage-housed sublight engines
2x nacelle-housed sublight engines
Crew: ~150 (minus pilots)
CO: Commander Ozar (At time of loss)
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Role: Battleship / carrier
Stealth reconnaissance vessel
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Armaments: 12x primary guns
32x ship-to-ship missile batteries
28x gun based CIWS turrets
Nuclear missile tubes
Defenses: Flak
DRADIS absorbent hull plating
Aircraft: Small Viper Mk. III detachment
Small Raptor detachment
Aviation facilities: 1x flight deck
18x Viper launch tubes
Fate: Destroyed, Battle of Djerba, YR58 (42 years BCH)
Emblem: Ship's patch
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Additional Information

Osiris (0913) was an Orion class "pocket battlestar"[1] in the Colonial Fleet, during the First Cylon War. It served in a semi-secretive role during the war, having been hidden away by Colonial admiralty. At the time of its destruction, Osiris was attached to the 54th Battlestar Group.


Osiris first entered service sometime before the tenth year of the First Cylon War, but was reported as destroyed in an earlier engagement with Cylon forces. However, in reality the ship was hiding in Cylon-held space as part of a secret "ghost fleet" the Colonial admiralty was assembling as part of an effort to strike at the Cylons.

Sometime after being hidden away, Osiris is tasked by the admiralty for a combat jump to Djerba, as part of a mission to deliver false intelligence to the Cylons in preparation for a new Colonial offensive.

Battle of Djerba

Main article: Battle of Djerba

Osiris successfully completes its jump to Djerba, but a Cylon basestar jumps in shortly afterwards. Initially, the Cylon DRADIS cannot detect the ship due to its hull's DRADIS-absorbent qualities, but the ship is eventually located when Commander Ozar pushes ahead with the mission, and powers up for attack.

The ship is quickly overwhelmed by the more powerful basestar, and suffers numerous hits in the initial assault, eventually losing its starboard sublight engine nacelle. Commander Ozar gives the order to launch the nuclear warheads, but the missile launch systems were compromised by a prior hit. In order to protect those on the planet, Ozar gives the order to charge the basestar, and requests manual control of the warheads. Not long after, a massive burst of radiation was detected, and DRADIS contact with both vessels was lost. Days later, a Colonial SAR mission located two survivors, Raptor pilot Ensign William Adama, and his ECO, Junior Lieutenant Coker Fasjovik, who were assigned to the mission on the surface of Djerba (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").


Detached crew

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  1. Designation revealed on the ship's patch.