Cylon Refinery

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Cylon Tylium Refinery
Cylon Tylium Refinery
Race: Cylon
Type: Militarized industrial
Crew: Unknown
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Role: Tylium mining and production
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Defenses: SAM missile batteries
Small caliber guns
Raider squadrons
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Fate: Destroyed, Battle for the Tylium Asteroid, Day 36
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Additional Information

The Cylon Refinery is a base located on an asteroid rich in tylium ore, whose main purpose was to mine and refine tylium for the Cylons. Built some time prior to the Fall of the Colonies, it is unknown whether the base was established out of necessity, or merely to eliminate possible resources for any escaping Colonials.

Prior to Day 36, the base is discovered by Galactica pilots Sharon Valerii and Alex Quartararo, while doing reconnaissance to find any tylium deposits for the Fleet.

Despite being extremely well guarded, the fuel shortages in the Fleet leave the Colonials no option but to destroy the Cylon base. Using recon photographs, Doctor Gaius Baltar identifies devices on the base's surface that will destroy the base while leaving the tylium undamaged.

Destruction of the base

The base is attacked in an elaborate plan by several Viper squadrons, but the base's anti-aircraft defenses allow it to remain undamaged. Captain Lee Adama takes on an alternate path to enter from under the base. With a clean shot to the location pointed out by Dr. Baltar, L. Adama succeeds in destroying the refinery (TRS: "The Hand of God").