Raptor 702

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Raptor 702 is a Colonial Raptor belonging to Galactica at the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, and later logged as lost around 3 ACH.

As one of her first assignments as a deckhand, Giana O'Neill noted that the oxygen cylinders aboard 702 necessitated replacing, which amuses Galen Tyrol, who not only signed off on 702 the day prior but obliquely made her aware that there were no spare cylinders available (TRS: "The Plan").

The manner of its later disappearance is unstated, however 702 ends up in the possession of the Cylons. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii uses it to bring Ellen Tigh to the Fleet before John Cavil is able to make good on his threat to probe her brain for the secrets of Resurrection technology (TRS: "No Exit", "Deadlock").