Number Three (Fleet copy)

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D'Anna Biers
D'Anna Biers

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D'Anna Biers
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Portrayed by Lucy Lawless
D'Anna Biers is a Cylon
D'Anna Biers is a Final Five Cylon
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The Fleet's copy of the Number Three model, known as "D'Anna Biers," poses as a reporter for the Fleet News Service. She appears to be more of a tabloid rumor-and-innuendo format news journalist and less of the conventional Fleet journalist types such as James McManus.

When first introduced, Biers is investigating the shootings of four civilians during a military intervention authorized by Colonel Tigh in what she dubs for sensationalism's sake as the "Gideon massacre". However, her efforts to interview Galactica's crew are thwarted by military protocol and stonewalling by Commander Adama, who privately acknowledges Tigh's mistakes, but seems adamant not to render any punishment.

Biers is initially given a tour of the battlestar by Anastasia Dualla, but finds the nuts-and-bolts technology and layout information boring. She and her photographer, Bell, prefer to record and interview the candid moments of Galactica's crew, going so far as intruding into the private areas of the pilots. She begins in-depth personal interviews with many of the crew, including Dualla, Lieutenants Gaeta, Margaret Edmondson, Kara Thrace and Karl Agathon, as well as attempts to interview command staff such as Colonel Tigh. Of all the interviews, she desperately wants to ask Tigh many questions on his decisions in the Gideon incident, even exploiting his weaknesses when trying to loosen him up with alcohol.

Biers appears to be in the right place at the wrong times throughout her documentary filming. She captures the growing behavioral problems with Lieutenant Louanne Katraine, and the sabotage to a Raptor that was intended to shuttle Colonel Tigh to Cloud 9.

As Biers passes through sickbay during her documentary, she find Sharon Valerii to be alive and receiving medical treatment. The existence of this second copy of the known Cylon infiltrator, who was thought to be dead by members of the Fleet, is too much for Biers not to document. However, Commander Adama intercepts Biers and demands that she gives him the footage of Valerii. She surrenders a tape to Adama, but unknown to him, Biers retains the actual footage of Valerii in secret for herself.

Biers realizes a connection between her documentary footage on Joe Palladino and the threat left in Tigh's quarters to a poem by Kataris, a book which Palladino had in his possession, citing Palladino as the source of the Tigh's death threats.

Bier's final documentary is reviewed by Tigh, Adama, and President Roslin. While Tigh is initially perturbed at the documentary's unshiny look into Colonial military life, Adama finds it a good story, "warts and all." The documentary is broadcast to the Fleet, with Biers concluding the documentary with a rousing monologue.

The Cylons use two Raiders to relay the broadcast (which apparently included Bier's illicit footage of the pregnant Valerii) back to Caprica, where a number of Cylons watch it in a movie theater. One of them is a Number Three, who is revealed to the viewers as a Cylon (TRS: "Final Cut").

While it is unknown how Biers is "unmasked," it can be assumed that her consciousness is later boxed by the Number Ones (TRS: "Rapture") and is destroyed in the attack on the Resurrection Hub as only one Three remains in existence ("Sine Qua Non," "The Hub").


  • On several occasions following the New Caprica arc various Number Threes are addressed as "D'Anna"; it's unclear whether this means the consciousness used by the fleet copy survives to become the final Three.
  • Since Biers has not appeared in past episodes that feature the Fleet-wide press, it can be speculated that prior to the Cylon Attack, she was more of a tabloid investigative reporter than a mainstream journalist. She may also simply be a social commentator along the lines of Michael Moore or Ann Coulter, though her status prior to the holocaust was never revealed.
  • In behind the scenes interviews, Lucy Lawless has said that to contrast her character with Galactica's crew, Biers still wears fashionable clothes, make up, and jewelry, probably because she has access to some form of black market in the Fleet.
  • D'Anna Biers was supposed to appear in a subplot of "Downloaded" in which she conspired with Gina Inviere to kidnap Hera. The episode ran overtime and the scenes, which were indeed filmed, were cut and later included on the DVD release.
  • In the non-canonical novel Sagitarius is Bleeding it's revealed that she implanted a bug in Gaeta's hand while shaking it which nearly led the Fleet into two traps. Adama figured out the first one and Tigh found the bug and they were able to evade the second one.