Joe Palladino

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Joe Palladino
Joe Palladino


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Introduced Resistance
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Portrayed by Jeremy Guilbaut
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Lieutenant Joe Palladino, callsign "Hammerhead," is a Viper pilot aboard Galactica. He leads a detachment of Marines to the civilian cargo ship Gideon. Colonel Saul Tigh orders him to retrieve desperately needed supplies from the Gideon, which withheld them from Galactica in protest of Tigh's declaration of martial law.

Due to his inexperience at riot control, Palladino is unable to maintain control of his forces and the irate civilian crowd during the food transfer. When the situation grows violent, one of his marines fires his weapon and other marines under his command begin shooting at random into the panicked crowd. Despite repeated orders to his Marines to cease fire, four civilians are killed during the incident. Palladino is reprimanded by Colonel Tigh for his failure (TRS: "Resistance").

The killings aboard the Gideon begin to exact a mental toll on Palladino. He blames the incident on Tigh and develops a deep and brooding hatred of the colonel. When reporter D'anna Biers investigates the Gideon incident, Palladino is forced to relive the nightmare all over again.

Palladino eventually snaps and decides to punish Tigh for the incident when no one else would. After leaving a threat in Tigh's quarters and sabotaging a Raptor that Tigh is to fly in to Cloud 9, Palladino invades Tigh's quarters, binds and gags his wife, Ellen, and waits for the Colonel to return.

When Tigh returns, Palladino confronts him with a gun but loses his nerve to shoot Tigh, who talks him down. Galactica's Marines escort Palladino away in handcuffs while Biers and her camera crew look on (TRS: "Final Cut").

Palladino's fate is unknown, particularly in light of the events at New Caprica.