Silas Nash

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Silas Nash
Silas Nash


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Introduced Blood and Chrome
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Role Commanding Officer, Battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Brian Markinson
Silas Nash is a Cylon
Silas Nash is a Final Five Cylon
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For information on Lieutenant Nash, a character who appeared in the Galactica 1980 episode "Spaceball", see Nash (1980).

Commander Silas Nash is the first commanding officer of the battlestar Galactica during the Cylon War.

He is one of the first people Ensign Adama meets upon setting foot on Galactica, and quickly puts him and his ECO Coker Fasjovik to work, assigning them a "milk run" to the Scorpia Shipyards.

Upon Adama and Fasjovik's return to Galactica, Nash informally debriefs Adama in the ship's infirmary, explaining the true purpose behind his mission. He then invites Adama to volunteer for a new special-ops task force as a Viper pilot. (TRS: "Blood and Chrome")

Aaron Doral mentions Nash during the press briefing he held during a tour on Galactica prior to Galactica's scheduled decommissioning (TRS: "Miniseries").


  • While Nash's uniform is the same as the Colonel uniforms used post-Armistice, he is noted as Commander. In his first scene in the CIC, Nash is also wearing the rank device that would later denote a Colonel, though in his later appearance in the infirmary, he wears the rank device that corresponds to Commander in the reimagined series. It is unclear which appearance, if either, is in error.
    • According to ANOVOS, the developer of the Blood and Chrome uniforms, this discontinuity is due to the fact that the Colonials have yet to standardize their armed services uniforms, even 10 years after signing the Articles of Colonization.

Preceded by:
First Commander
Commanding Officer of the battlestar Galactica Succeeded by:
eventually William Adama