Celestra type

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''Celestra type
Celestra type
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian/Military
FTL: Yes
Propulsion: 1 large sublight engine
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Military/Civilian ops support
Weapons: None
Armaments: {{{arm}}}
Defenses: {{{def}}}
Aircraft: {{{aircraft}}}
Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
Fate: {{{status}}}
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Width: {{{width}}}
Height: {{{height}}}
Weight: {{{weight}}}
Wingspan: {{{wingspan}}}
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Game Information
Cost: {{{construction}}}
Construction Time: {{{construction}}}
Hull Size: {{{hull size}}}
Hull: {{{hull}}}
FTL Cooldown: {{{ftl cooldown}}} turns
Speed: {{{speed}}} m/s
Turn Rate: {{{turn rate}}}°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: {{{armor total}}}
Armor Left: {{{armor left}}}
Armor Right: {{{armor right}}}
Armor Front: {{{armor front}}}
Armor Rear: {{{armor rear}}}
Armor Top: {{{armor top}}}
Armor Bottom: {{{armor bottom}}}
DRADIS Range: {{{dradis range}}} m
Processing Power: {{{processing power}}}
Munition Slots: {{{munitions}}}
Munition Cooldown Period: {{{munition cooldown}}} turns
Squadron Slots: {{{squadrons}}}
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities: {{{special abilities}}}
Additional Information

Celestra type[1] ships are a class of ship used in the Twelve Colonies at least as early as the First Cylon War, during which they served an unknown role assisting battlestar groups (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").

Over forty years later, this type is still utilized by the colonials. At least two, Celestra and Striker, escape with Galactica following the destruction of the Colonies (TRS: "Miniseries") and are later scuttled following the discovery of a second planet called "Earth" (TRS: "Daybreak, Part III").


  • The Celestra type is based on an original series ship design. In that continuity, the ship served as a civilian electronics research ship. It is unknown if it is meant to serve that same role in the re-imagined continuity, or another one all together. Given its presence in the Auxiliary Fleet, it is assumed the ships performed a different role.


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.