Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

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Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II
"Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 13
Writer(s) Ronald D. Moore
Story by David Eick
Director Michael Rymer
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 113
Nielsen Rating 2.5
US airdate USA 2005-04-01
CAN airdate CAN 2005-04-09
UK airdate UK 2005-01-24
DVD release 20 September 2005 US
28 March 2005 UK
Population 47,887 survivors (Population decline. 10)
Additional Info Season Finale
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Starbuck has gone to Caprica. Adama insists Roslin must stand down as President. When she refuses, he is forced to deal with that situation while simultaneously adapting the plan to rid themselves of the Cylon baseship over Kobol.


In the Fleet

  • Adama challenges Roslin over Kara Thrace's actions with the Cylon Raider (which occurred in the last episode) and she admits her role in directing Kara Thrace's action.
  • Adama requests her resignation as President. Roslin refuses. He states he is terminating her presidency. When she bluffs that the press is recording the conversation, he hangs up.
  • He isolates Colonial One using the CAP to physically isolate it, and by jamming all communications from it. He then orders Colonel Tigh and Lee Adama to set-up a strike force to take Colonial One.
  • Visiting Boomer in sickbay, Adama asks her to fly a dangerous mission: take a Raptor fitted with a Cylon IFF transponder, jump to the Cylon baseship orbiting Kobol and drop a nuclear bomb into its landing bay before jumping clear.
  • Roslin refuses Adama's final request to yield and her security team ready themselves for an assault.
  • The strike team flies to an isolated Colonial One aboard two Raptors, lead by Tigh and Lee Adama, and they start cutting their way into the ship.
  • A confrontation ensues between Colonial forces and Roslin's security. It is broken only when Lee Adama sides with his conscience, and turns on Tigh. Afraid of a bloodbath, Roslin surrenders and Lee Adama is arrested.
  • Roslin is returned to Galactica after the failed standoff and is placed in the brig, while Lee Adama is in irons in CIC for mutiny.
  • Boomer and Racetrack arrive in CIC following the success of the attack on the baseship near Kobol, and as he thanks them, Boomer shoots Adama twice in the chest at point blank range, seriously wounding him.

On Kobol

  • Raptor 1 has crashed down on Kobol and is on fire, as the crew struggle to get out and remove the bodies of the dead and injured, Baltar becomes trapped by fire in the back of the vehicle.
  • Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo tries to help him, but Baltar is too terrified to move. Six appears and gives Baltar the strength to escape by giving the impression she is helping him out of the ship.
  • As they get clear, the ship explodes, and Baltar wanders into the long grass before collapsing, as the rest of the crew start checking on their injured.
  • Boomer's Raptor makes it through the Cylon perimeter around the baseship situated above Kobol, but the bomb release mechanism fails, forcing them to land inside the basestar and attempt a manual separation of the bomb.
  • While there, Boomer encounters a number of her "sisters". While she tries to claim she is human, they inform her she cannot escape destiny.
  • After she leaves on the Raptor, her "sisters" make no attempt to disarm or remove the bomb. The baseship is destroyed in a massive nuclear explosion.
  • On Kobol, Baltar recognises Six "saved" him, and she takes him to see exactly why he has been chosen by God, and she walks him towards the ruined Opera House.
  • Entering it, he is shown the "face of things to come," apparently a baby in a crib, the "first of the new generation of God's children" - and he is to be their protector.

On Caprica

  • Valerii has taken Helo to hide near the Delphi Museum of the Colonies.
  • She is aware of the importance of the Arrow of Apollo.
  • They have discussed the fact that she is a Cylon (rather than a Cylon-created human clone as Helo suggested (TRS: "Colonial Day").
  • She reveals her relationship with him is important as it brings the Cylons closer to God. She also reveals she is pregnant.
  • Starbuck completes her long-range jump and arrives over Caprica. Passing through Cylon lines, she sets down in Delphi and heads for the museum.
  • Locating the Arrow of Apollo she is confronted by Six and a fight ensues in which Starbuck is initially badly beaten, before a last-minute rush sends them both over a landing, killing Six.
  • Helo comes to Starbuck's aid, and she panics when she sees Valerii, immediately realizing that Valerii is a Cylon. Helo stops Starbuck from shooting her, citing that she's pregnant.


  • This episode takes place directly after those of "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I".
  • There are now 47,887 survivors in the Fleet, a net loss of 10 since "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I".
  • Cylon vessels are indeed capable of very long-range jumps. The disorienting effects of the jump on humans is amplified greatly to the point where even those tolerant of jump disorientation are affected.
  • Delphi was once a cultural center on Caprica, and apparently held a lot of historical and religious artifacts.
  • Cylon basestars appear bio-mechanical, like Raiders.
  • "Water" shows five operational Raptors dispatched by Adama to survey local star systems for water bearing planets. This episode reveals Galactica had at least one more: one is destroyed over Kobol, one crashes on Kobol; three take part in the raid on Colonial One and one simultaneously carries a nuclear warhead to the Cylon basestar, making the total number of Raptors shown so far six.
  • The use of IFF transponders by the Cylons is an indirect nod to the Original Series, in which Apollo and Starbuck use an IFF-type device to identify their Raider to Colonial forces when they launch an attack on a Cylon Basestar (The Hand of God (TOS)).
  • According to Ron Moore's podcast, during the Starbuck/Number Six fight in the Delphi Museum, Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer themselves actually perform the entire fight scene, with no stunt doubles.
  • The term, the shape of things to come, comes from the novel of the same title written by H.G. Wells in 1933.[1]


  • Caprica-Sharon is indeed pregnant; love and desire were the keys to Cylon procreation with her and Helo.
  • That Baltar sees into the future is clear: but is the child he sees the product of Helo's relationship with Valerii, or his own (future) relationship with a corporeal Six? On the one hand, much of what is seen points to the child being born of Valerii: she admits her condition to Helo (and thus opens the door to him remaining on Caprica with her while Starbuck returns to Galactica with the Arrow) and the Cylons were apparently aiming for her to become pregnant by Helo (or at least, Doral and Six showed no surprise when she reported her lovemaking with him). But Six's words to Baltar as she prepares him to see the future are interesting: “You are the guardian and protector of a new generation of God's children,” – a somewhat neutral explanation that comes before she smiles, catches her breath and adds, “The first member of our family will be with us soon, Gaius.” This could be a reference to the fact that Valerii is pregnant; however the shift to the possessive “our family” and “with us” could be seen to indicate the child could be Baltar’s own. And again, how much more of an effective guardian and protector will Baltar be, if he is in fact protecting his own offspring, rather than that of another Cylon / human relationship? And if this is the case, where does that leave the Valerii / Helo relationship?
  • This episode reveals some more about Number Six: if the offspring on the crib she sees with Baltar is that of Valerii and Helo, then it would more or less confirm that she is in contact with corporeal Cylons elsewhere – how else would she know of the developing Valerii / Helo situation otherwise as it started after her “death”?
  • Similarly, it is interesting to note the degree of savagery involved in the beating Six gives Starbuck. In many respects, it mirrors the beating she gave Valerii in "Litmus"; at the time, the viciousness she showed seemed to be linked to the jealousy evident between her and Valerii. Six has been affected by Baltar’s reaction to sleeping with Starbuck (Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part I). Could the physical beating Starbuck receives be a manifestation of the jealousy she feels for what happened on Galactica, transmitted to her corporeal sister?
  • How will the Fleet react once word of Roslin’s arrest breaks through the communications blackout Galactica inflicted on Colonial One? What can the civilians do? In many respects Adama holds all the cards – or would, were he in a fit condition. His ship is the key to the protection of the Fleet, and she is pretty much unassailable. Therefore, it is hard to see anyone stepping too far out of line when it comes to making major decisions. But within the civilian community, it is hard not to see repercussions: Roslin has been arrested; Baltar is missing, possibly dead. (Answer)
  • Who is available to take the civilian reins? Wallace Gray (TRS: "Colonial Day")? Tom Zarek ("Bastille Day," "Colonial Day")? Is it a coincidence that not too long before, at the Quorum of Twelve, Zarek himself raised the spectre of a military coup – and that is more-or-less what they now have on their hands?


  • Are Adama's wounds fatal? (Answer)
  • What will be the public reaction when news of Roslin's arrest finally breaks through the communication's embargo? (Answer)
  • Who will take over as the civil leader with Roslin in the brig and Baltar "lost" somewhere on the surface of Kobol? (Answer)
  • How will Tigh rise to the demands of command? (Answer)
  • What is the baby in the crib? (Answer)
  • If the Cylons understand the significance of the Arrow of Apollo (and by extension, the Tomb of Athena), why don't they use them themselves to find Earth?
  • Are the Cylons genuinely interested in finding Earth, or has it simply been a means to bring them to Kobol? (Future Answer)
  • Why didn't the sound of Starbuck's Raider landing attract Helo's attention sooner? He is across the road from the museum, and so should have seen it touch down, or seen Starbuck climb the steps to the museum.
  • How does Six know Starbuck's name so readily? Is this a pointer to her being in communication with her "sister" in Baltar's head? Or having been in communication with Conoy (TRS: "Flesh and Bone")?
  • Did Boomer sabotage the bomb release mechanism, thus forcing herself into landing on the baseship?
  • Why doesn't Racetrack raise concerns about Boomer's ability to survive in a vacuum on their return to Galactica (although there is no indication that there was a vacuum outside)? (Answer)
  • Is there a breathable atmosphere inside Cylon basestars? (Answer)
  • Why do the Eights do nothing to stop the nuke? Or do the Cylons sacrifice the baseship intentionally for the attempt on Adama?

Official Statements

I think he's his own man. I think he's a natural leader, but I don't think he's realised that yet. We are exploring it.
At the end of the first season he's on his own again. I mean, he's always been an isolated figure in the first place because he doesn't really belong on the Galactica. He doesn't even intend to be there but then the end of the world sort of catches him on the hop and that's where he has to make a start. He cuts a role out for himself as the "CAG," something he perhaps wasn't intending to do.
And I think he comes into his own gradually. He surprises himself. But then again, at the end of the first season he disobeys an order, so that's basically burned all his bridges that he had with the crew of the Galactica.
So he's a lone thinker in many respects, but I think more and more you'll see him start to come out with true leadership qualities. [2]
  • Jamie Bamber on Lee Adama's evolution from this episode into the second season:
The difference fundamentally is that one moment in "Kobol's Last Gleaming" when he finally realizes that he's sense (sic) of duty and responsibility can and must extend beyond the military hierarchy and include his own conscience and the law. The moment he turns his weapon on his superior. And that that is not wrong.
As a result he finds himself behind bars, in exile, out of uniform and essentially orphaned, but through all this he finds out who he really is and he trusts it. Suddenly, with his father dying, he sees people turn to him for leadership and that brings a realization that he must rise to the occasion and he does so through trusting his own judgment. He is surprised that his mutinous act aboard Colonial One has not marginalized him in the Fleet; just the opposite—it has actually highlighted him as a man of conscience, capable of impossibly difficult decisions. [3]

Noteworthy Dialogue

Commander Adama: Congratulations to both of you. You carried out a very difficult and dangerous mission, and you did it...despite any...personal misgivings you may or may not have had...and for that I'm very proud. Thank you.
Racetrack: Thank you, sir.
Boomer: Thank you, sir. (pulls out a gun and shoots Adama in the chest)
  • In the Opera House on Kobol:
Gaius Baltar: I don't understand.
Number Six: Life has a melody, Gaius. A rhythm of notes that become your existence once played in harmony with God's plan. It's time to do your part and realize your destiny.
Gaius Baltar: Which is what, exactly?
Number Six: You are the guardian and protector of the new generation of God's children. The first member of our family will be with us soon, Gaius. It's time to make your choice.
Gaius Baltar: But I don't understand what you're talking about. Really, I don't understand-
Number Six: Come. See the face of the shape of things to come.
  • On the Colonial One:
Colonel Tigh: Madam President, no one needs to get hurt here.
Laura Roslin: Then why don't you get off my ship, Colonel.
Colonel Tigh: I'm placing you under arrest.
Lee Adama: No...no, we're not doing this.
Colonel Tigh: I'm in command here, Captain.
Lee Adama: Colonel, this is wrong!
Colonel Tigh: You're relieved! Fall back. Madam President, I would-
Lee Adama: (pulls a gun on Tigh) Men, lay down your weapons.
Colonel Tigh: Have you lost your frakking mind?
Lee Adama: Colonel, tell these Marines to fall back!
Colonel Tigh: This is mutiny. You know that.
Lee Adama: Yes I do, but you can tell my father that I'm listening to my instincts, and my instincts tell me that we cannot sacrifice our democracy just because the President makes a bad decision.

Guest stars


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