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All of the Battlestar Galactica series, from the original through Galactica 1980 to the Miniseries and beyond, have made use of location shooting to provide some of the background and scope for the storyline.

The Re-imagined Series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and most of the location shoots have been done within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Miniseries Filming Locations

  • Baltar's House
Baltar's house on Caprica was filmed at a home on the Sea to Sky Highway, north of Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada. [1] [2] Ronald Moore comments about filming at this location, and the noise of nearby construction in the podcast for "Resurrection Ship, Part I".
  • Laura Roslin's Doctor's Office
Laura Roslin's doctor's office, where she receives bad news, was filmed at 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, a home which has been featured in Architectural Digest.
Judging from the staircases, Lee Adama's flashbacks in "Black Market" were also filmed there.
This was shot at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia[3] and can also be seen in "Epiphanies".
The interior of the sublight Botanical Cruiser, that was left behind, was filmed at the Bloedel Conservatory, at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC. The east entrance to the park is from 33rd Avenue where it intersects with Ontario Street [4]. (The shape of the Blodel Conservatory looks remarkably similar to the domes of the USS Valley Forge spaceship from Silent Running, images of which were used as the Agro Ship in the original series, which is the model upon which the Botanical Cruiser was later based. There are other examples of these kind of dome shaped greenhouses from the early 1970's, which may have inspired the original model design).
The interior is an abandoned potash silo within the British Columbia railyards. It appears as a large Colonial ordnance storage depot. The location is also where Leoben Conoy is first encountered and where Aaron Doral is eventually stranded (TRS: "Miniseries, Night 2").

Regular Series Filming Locations


  • Cloud Nine interior
    • The garden scenes on Cloud Nine in "Colonial Day" were shot in the rose garden of the University of British Columbia.
    • The Quorum of Twelve meeting site was filmed at the Chan Centre, 6265 Crescent Road, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This building also features prominently in the television series The 4400.


  • Kobol
    • Most of the outdoor and forest scenes in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II" through "Fragged" and the "Home" two-parter were shot at Widgeon Slough near Port Coquitlam, BC. Widgeon Slough is located within Pinecone Burke Provincial Park [6].
    • The opera house from Baltar's vision is Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre. It is located at the corner of Smithe at Seymour in the city's downtown [7].
  • The Temple of Five
    • The same location used in the filming of Ragnar Anchorage in the miniseries was reused, redressed partially through visual effects to form the spires and lighting effects of the temple.[12]

Standing sets

The show's sets include Adama's quarters, an airlock, CIC, several multipurpose rooms, many hallways, Colonial One and the hangar deck. The Miniseries was shot in a larger studio, in which all sets were interconnected. That made it possible to follow Kara Thrace from the hallways to the hangar deck in the shot. With the beginning to the regular series, the production moved to another studio, which made it necessary to split some of the sets apart.



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