New Caprica Detention Center

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New Caprica Detention Center during the Battle of New Caprica

The New Caprica Detention Center is a Cylon facility on New Caprica (TRS: "Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance").

Physically, it is an imposing concrete structure with a motorized gate of steel bars. It contains facilities for questioning prisoners which are quite reminiscent of police interrogation rooms in the real world; they feature bare concrete walls, a small table, two metal chairs, a metal door with a small window, and harsh overhead lighting from a single source.

It is within this facility that Number Five solicits Jammer to inform the Cylons on the movements of the New Caprica Resistance (TRS: "Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance").

During the Battle of New Caprica the prison is stormed by the New Caprica Resistance and Colonial Marines under the command of Samuel Anders and Gunnery Sergeant Mathias, freeing all inmates (TRS: "Exodus, Part II").

Notable Inmates

Saul Tigh is incarcerated in the center until his wife fornicates with a copy of Cavil as part of an exchange to free her husband. Suspected to be a high ranking member of the Resistance, Saul is tortured extensively, having an eye ripped out during interrogation (TRS: "Occupation").

Laura Roslin is detained briefly while being interviewed by Gaius Baltar about a suicide bombing perpetrated by a Resistance member (TRS: "Precipice").

Kara Thrace is held captive in a spacious furnished cell where she is forced to live with Leoben Conoy for the duration of the Cylon occupation, undergoing various forms of psychological abuse for reasons not clarified (TRS: "Occupation"). Either by coincidence or otherwise, the cell somewhat resembles Kara's apartment in Delphi, and in fact it is not known for certain that the apartment is located within the detention center until the building is liberated by the resistence.


  • The fact Kara's cell-cum-apartment is in the Detention Center is not revealed until her escape in "Exodus, Part II".