Dick Durock

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Dick Durock
Dick Durock
Portrays: Imperious Leader and Cylon
Date of Birth: January 18, 1937
Date of Death: September 17, 2009
Age at Death: 72
Nationality: USA USA

Dick Durock (18 January 1937—September 2009[1]) was an American stuntman and actor.

Starting in 1967, Durock portrayed many characters in many science-fiction and drama TV shows of the 1960s through the mid-1990s. Quoting Durock from his biographical notes from his official web site:

"You'll notice in the Filmography that in my career I've had a pretty liberal sprinkling of shows in the Sci-fi genre. Mainly, however, I usually played big mean thugs who the hero of whatever show I was doing at the time and would beat the %$@&^# out of. From Clint Eastwood and Charlie Bronson, etc., in feature films to Jim Garner, Tom Selleck, Lee Majors and whole bunch of others in TV. I worked a lot because of my size (6'5"- 215lbs) and kind of a rough look. Film heroes like to beat up guys bigger than they are....makes them look good and believe me, I made a lot of them look good over the years."

Durock had supporting or minor roles in classic SF such as Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Durock gained his own stardom as the lead in the movie, Swamp Thing, co-starring with actress Adrienne Barbeau.

Durock portrayed the uncredited role of the Imperious Leader in the episode "Saga of a Star World."


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