Harvey Frand

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Harvey Frand
Role: Producer
BSG Universe: Re-imagined Series
Date of Birth: 1949
Date of Death: July 23, 2009
Nationality: USA USA
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Harvey Frand was a producer for the Re-imagined Series.

According to Bradley Thompson, Frand was an administrative producer, who makes sure that the episodes can be shot with the available time and budget. To that end, he often weighs in on scripts and decides if they can be realized the way the writers envision them, or tries to find ways to make them work.

Frand was initially credited as a producer when he began working on Season 1. He became a supervising producer for Season 3 and thereafter.

Frand died suddenly of multiple health complications on July 23, 2009, before his last Re-imagined Series production, "The Plan," would air later that year.

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