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I'm Kevin H. Spencer, a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana (yes, the home of that big car race in the spring, but maybe you know us now as the home of the 2006-7 Super Bowl champions now). I'm one of three bureaucrats (administrators with squeegees for user account maintenance to go with my virtual mop) here on Battlestar Wiki. (That's why I wear a deckhand jumpsuit and carry the Bureaucrat Squeegee.)

I'm a computer systems engineer, specializing in Mac OS X technologies. To make myself more curiously unique, I'm also a black conservative. I don't even speak "Jive." The world has all kinds.

My interests are fewer in my older age, but their intensity (obsession?) to what few items I enjoy can border on zealotry.

  • I'm a huge Matrix fan (as if my photo here doesn't give you a clue). I'm about as versed on the Matrix trilogy and its philosophy as I am about Battlestar. I've started quite a few articles on The MetaCortex Database, a Matrix wiki. The woman dressed as Trinity is my sweetie (Dibs, Neo!)
  • Growing up on the original Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, my tastes on "mainstream" science fiction have graduated far from what Star Trek has become. I use Babylon 5 as a good writing baseline.
  • I attend a few science fiction conventions in the Midwest, and enjoyed one in the south in 2006. I tend to keep a low profile, except when I appear in costume.
  • My exposure to "The Matrix" has, in part, led me to become a member of the Catholic Church. It's a curious, mysterious story that led me there that, in some ways, was like Neo's trip through the Looking Glass. My spiritual discoveries (in part from my Matrix interests) have also led me to study the traditions of Buddhism. I'm nowhere close to enlightenment, but at least I've found a Path.
  • While not a big fan of the last three Star Trek spinoffs, I'm very fond of the fan-generated New Voyages episodes of the original Star Trek. This is very impressive stuff, and is free to watch. A must-visit. I'm also very supportive of CBS's reissue of the original Star Trek with CGI graphics. Normally this might be a formula for controversy (a la the Star Wars expanded editions), but the combination of the (highly cleaned and clear) live-action with the un-matted graphics that fit precisely with their originally-shot model renderings make watching TOS a new joy.
Favorite Articles

__ Case Orange: This was my first contribution.
__ Computers in the Re-imagined Series: The amount of information I gained from aired content was fun to assemble.
__ Religion in the Twelve Colonies: The depth of information from the show has made for some interesting story arcs.

Articles in Need of Work

__ Timeline (RDM). This article on storyline inconsistencies reads too much like an episode summary and requires much concision and revision.
__ All episode summaries to rid them of nested questions and winded analysis.
__ All separate continuity articles, particular the comics and novels, which have little or no content.

Favorite Episodes

__ Exodus, Part II. Having Galactica drop through the atmosphere was totally badass.
__ Flight of the Phoenix. I miss the Blackbird.
__ Resurrection Ship, Part II. The beauty shot of Galactica and Pegasus peeling basestars like bananas was the best SFX of the series.
__ Unfinished Business. The munches. Roslin, Adama, and New Caprican loco weed, baby.

Personal News and Trivia

My lovely sweetheart and I, as Morpheus and Trinity from The Matrix. Perhaps you've seen it (or us).

Starbase Indy 2006 was pleased to see Katee Sackhoff. The actress is, in comparison to her Kara Thrace persona, a thin, shy waif with a great sense of humor.

Why, yes, I am the Ronco Average Bald Black Guy! Dress me up like Samuel L. Jackson, Lawrence Fishbourne, Avery Brooks or Rick Worthy and take me to parties!

During some recent mopping, I came across a screencap that, on closer examination, showed two otherwise-unknown battlestar names: Night Flight and Erasmus. It appears that Battlestar Wiki was first in fandom to discover these mentioned-only ships, and yes, I am proud of that! Thanks to "KillCally" on the Sci Fi Forums for the reverse-video screencap that greatly aided in the Erasmus discovery, and to Steelviper for opening up a topic on "Sciffy" that required me to dust off my unused account there in the first place.

Notable Shows That Also Use Nukes as Plot Devices, and Interesting Links (to me)
  • Heroes. Watch this show! Almost as many twists as Battlestar Galactica!
  • Jericho. I've enjoyed what I've seen. With a 2nd cancellation I'll have to catch it on DVD.
  • 24. The following link occurred between 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM. Everybody DOWN!

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I'm still around! I've signed back in as of November 13, 2014, to check in. The wiki is in maintenance mode with no new content expected right now. I'm working on reestablishing comm with other active chiefs to keep the main page active on news of any Glen Larson movie news, as well as the usual squeegeeing. Please note that Joe B. and Shane were the active wiki coders and some edit attempts appear to be breaking. We'll do the best we can. I noted the sign-in account requests are back logged. I'm going to leave them alone for a bit while I get resituated; editing is a lower priority.


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