Template:Crew Skeleton

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To output a standardized format for a crewmember's biographical page.

To use this template, please use subst:
This template is very CPU intensive, and {{subst:Crew Skeleton}} should be used to use this template.


{{Crew Skeleton|First Name|Last Name|ROLE|SERIES|Date of Birth|IMDB ID}}

Required parameters

  • 1: First name - Ronald D.
  • 2: Last name. - Moore
  • 3: Role.
  • 4: TOS or 1980 or RDM
  • 5: Date of birth. Must not be wikilinked.
  • 6: IMDb ID Number
    • Searching for the name leads to a page with a URI ending in something like "/nm0167435/"; the numerical portion is the person's IMDb number.